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free fire advance server code

Free Fire Advance Server APK download, and important information related to login, activation code, VPN, and all the details were listed in this article for FF players.

Free Fire updates can be checked on the portal. Free Fire Max and Free Fire can now download the OB34 Advance Server APK file.

Players can report technical glitches or bugs in the game and receive rewards such as gun skins, free diamonds, titles, outfits and more. Players can also know about upcoming events and check updates about leaks.

The latest Free Fire OB34 Advance Server has gone live today (27 May). Now you can start the registration process by logging in using your Facebook account. Once you register, you can get Free Fire Advanced Server APK file with FF Advanced Server Activation Key.

How will we help you to get free fire advance server?

You have visited our site which means you must be well aware of the availability of latest Free Fire Advance Server Registration and FF Advanced Server Download APK files for the year 2022.

You will also learn about Free Fire OB34 Advance Server Activation Codes. If you face any issue, we have also directed you how to complete the process using VPN

So in this blog, we will cover all topics related to Free Fire Advance Server in May 2022 including registration process, downloading APK and OBB files, activation code, and how you can get free fire unlimited diamonds.

About Free Fire Advance Server

If you’ve been playing Free Fire for a while, you must have heard about Advanced Server. This Free Fire Advance Server, as the word “advanced” itself says, is a game released prior to the release of the updated version of the original Free Fire game.

As an added benefit, FF Advanced Server lets you test new features before they are released to the general public. But the server works by invocation only. If you want to test new features before they are released, you can download the APK and activate it with an activation code. You can get your activation code by registering on the game’s official website.

If you are lucky and gain access with an activation code, you can open the game and start playing it to enjoy all its features. Not only that, you can also report bugs and give feedback about the new version of Free Fire game.

In addition, you will also be rewarded with a Free Fire Diamond if your report is found to be relevant. That way, you can test the game before releasing it to the public.

List of all free fire Advance Servers

  • Indonesia Server
  • India server
  • Europe server
  • Brazil server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Middle East Server
  • Vietnam server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam)
  • Malaysia server
  • Thailand server
  • Pakistan

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

Free Fire game is a battle royale game that can be played on mobile computer or laptop PC over the internet.

The experience of this game is being taken by every child living in our country and in this game let us tell you that first of all you have to log in with Google Facebook or Twitter, as soon as you log in, then you will get a character’s name. has to be selected. After chaining the tractor, you will get to see different types of maps and you can select and play on the map.

Similarly you play Free Fire by signing the opening I first, then after starting you will be sent to a small training ground which is of 1 minute, after that you will be sent to that map via airplane.

There will be about 50 people in the match you have joined, you will see many trees, houses and some materials in the ground, you have to kill those shackles through those materials.

The one who survives last in that map is called the winner of the match and is also given some material like gold, levelupkart etc. through free fire.

Free Fire Advance Server Activation code: Check out the Official method for OB34 access, More Details

Gamers need to search for “” on their browser, or they can directly visit the website by clicking on this link.

Now, they have to choose any of the login methods to proceed. A Facebook or Google account linked to their Free Fire ID is always recommended.

After this, users have to fill the form with their details. Specifically, their email and phone number must be active.

Finally, they can easily complete the sign-up process and wait for the response from the officials. However, they cannot log into the Advance Server without an activation code, and only a limited number of users will receive the code.

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