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Free Fire: Top 5 best M82B gun skins in the game

The M82B needs no explanation of its prowess in front of sniper lovers in Free Fire. There are total three snipers in Free Fire now they are AWM, Kar98k and M82B.

If we talk about kar98k, it is not useful because of its low damage, accuracy etc, but on the other hand AWM and M82B always compete with each other. There are three major factors that make the M82B even more useful than the AWM.

Firstly, the M82B has the highest penetrating power. It can also easily damage enemies behind the Glue Wall. Lastly, its reload speed is faster than AWM. Here is the list of best M82B gun skins in Free Fire with full details and capability:

List of M82B gun skins in Free Fire

1. M82B Vampire Malevolence

Launched in Weapon Royale, M82B – Vampire Malevolenceis a beautiful skin look for sniper lovers. The red colored M82B skin is better than the original skin due to the adjusted characteristics. In addition, the design of the gun and the special effects of bats make it more impressive and beautiful.

2. M82B Time Traveler

This is one of the most popular ones. Since it has increased damage, it helps to take down enemies quickly. Also its reload speed is fast. So it helps to handle the clutch situation in which you have to take down multiple enemies by quick-firing. But, you will face some reduction in movement speed while carrying it.

3. M82B Falconer

As seen earlier, the M82B is known for its penetrating power, that is, its ability to quickly break through vestments and walls. This skin also has the same quality.

This means that this skin has more penetrating power than the M82B dragon mobs. In addition, it has an increased rate of fire. But the loss in the properties of the magazine reduces the ability to hold the bullets.

4. M82B Dragon Mob

The M82B Dragon Mob has a great range that allows players to inflict damage over very long ranges. Plus, it enhances the special ability the M82B is known for, which is Penetration Power. The M82B in particular is known for its ability to easily break a glue wall and inflict damage on the enemy behind it.

5. M82B Operano Sheng

This M82B skin appeared at the Operano Sheng Weapon Royal event at Free Fire on August 19, 2021. The Weapon Royale Operano Sheng FF carried two Gun Skin variants for the Groza and M82B weapons, which received a similar theme to the Incubator Operano.

Use This Gun With Moco

This sniper gun is so powerful that you can use it to shoot through glue walls. So you can take advantage of this to kill the enemy hiding behind the glue wall. However, you need to play Moko so that you know where to aim and shoot.

You can play Moko – an excellent hacker in Free Fire Party, or combine his skill Hackers Eye in a skill combo. Plus, if you use this tip you can even shoot through your glue wall while concealing yourself. However, you must know the location of the enemy before building a glue wall for cover.

Have A Proper Skill Combo

The biggest skill combos to make the M82B a lethal weapon include The Dash of Kelly, Sharp Shooter of Laura and Hacker’s Eye of Moko. As a sniper, you need to move away from your position immediately after firing.

Plus, Laura’s sharp shooter skills help increase accuracy when you open the scope to aim and shoot. Then, you can shoot with precision, take down the enemy quickly, even when hiding behind a glue wall, and move quickly enough to avoid being shot.

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