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How to earn free characters in Free Fire MAX

This is a step by step tutorial on how to unlock Free Fire Max character without Diamonds. In this article, I will share all possible ways to get characters in Garena Free Fire MAX for free.

Currently, Free Fire Max has a total of 44 characters in the game with their own unique abilities that will help you get better entertainment in the game.

As you know, all Garena Free Fire Max characters can be unlocked with Diamonds, while some characters can also be unlocked with Gold Coins. Here are some of the ways we can unlock FF MAX characters without spending real money and unlocking them by completing simple tasks.

Garena is set to launch a new update for Free Fire Max that will introduce an all-new Link system. Players will be able to unlock characters for free using the new Link system. Currently, you can only unlock characters with the premium currency Diamonds.

The new gameplay mechanic will be great for free-to-play players who prefer not to buy diamonds in Free Fire Max. The Link system will be added in an upcoming update to Free Fire Max, which will most likely be OB33.

Free Fire Max will let you unlock characters for free with the new Link system

With the new link system in Free Fire Max, players will be able to unlock characters in exchange for gold or by completing in-game objectives. The link will be available in the Character section of the system menu. Players can select the character they want to link, and get the character.

After acquiring their favorite character, players need to spend Gold to complete in-game objectives or obtain Link Progress Points. It is unclear whether the newly added characters will be immediately available to be unlocked using the link system.

Garena has set some limits to this system to ensure that players don’t unlock all the characters right away. For example, you’ll need 13,500 Link Progression to fully unlock a character, but you can only get 1,500 Progress and use Gold to get 500 points a day.

In addition to these, you can only link one character at a time. The process can seem like a bit of a grind when you start unlocking your favorite characters. Once you collect 13,500 Link Progression points, your favorite character will be unlocked.

How to get free characters in Free Fire Max after OB34 Update

Characters are one of the most loved in-game items in Free Fire Max. The only reason behind this is his superb ability. Gamers can equip their character skills to perform exceptionally well on the battlefield.

However, most characters can only be unlocked by spending diamonds. After a recent major update, the developers have introduced a new Link system, using which mobile gamers can unlock any character for free.

How To Get Characters For Free In Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is the latest version of the popular mobile battle royale title Garena Free Fire. The title has improved graphics and mechanics. Here in this article, we will see how to get the characters in Free Fire Max for free.

Free Fire Max also has a huge character roster of 43 characters with unique skills. The title offers a 360-degree lobby with high definition graphics that make the characters look cleaner and better than Free Fire. Let’s take a look at how to get free characters in Free Fire Max.

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