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top 5 Best Parkour Games of All Time ranked

Maybe you’ve never thought of it before, but parkour was once a very common practice in video games. Now more, of course. But in the golden age of arcade gaming, doing something as simple as climbing a ladder was seen as borderline free running.

Since then, the developers have looked to expand on the game’s core mechanics, using a variety of tricky maneuvers to assemble only a particular palette.

From climbing the walls of a research facility to leaping through a historic path in the clouds, video games give us pretty much all the creative freedom we crave these days. Boundaries are being pushed back forever and the world within them is always finding new ways to grow and prosper.

As far as today is concerned, we have been able to see quite a collection of the rich world. But given the time and space constraints for this specific list – we’ll hit you up with the best of the best. So let’s get down to the ground running. Here are the five best parkour games of all time.

 Best Parkour Games

Traversing is important in video games. Some video games make traversing very important and it becomes one of the main features of video games.

In this list, we’re going to highlight the best video games that offer some fun parkour maneuvering. Whether they’re simple side-scrolling platformers to big open-world AAA releases, these are some of the best video games you can pick up right now.

1. Mirror’s Edge

When it comes to platforming, the first person approach is not favorable. It’s hard to judge the distance when you can’t even see your feet. Despite this, several developers, including DICE, tried to put a twist on it by releasing Mirror’s Edge in 2009.

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It was set in an ideal futuristic city that was a very bright combination of white and extremely clean. You play as a runner (AKA Courier) named Faith Connors who must deliver sensitive information to an underground resistance.

She does this by crossing as many terraces and climbing as many structures as she can understand. Although many are still divided on the game, its perspective and use of parkour helped redefine first-person platforming.


Sure, Mirror’s Edge may be the most out and out parkour game, but if you’re looking for action-packed parkour, it’s nothing better than Ghostrunner.

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You play as the most advanced blade fighter ever created, equipped with monomolecular katana that can slash enemies in half with a single slash.

With the ability to dash through the air, run up the wall, and slow timing for precise kills, this cyber ninja has undeniably the best equipment for parkour. Ghostrunner combines first-person staging with high-intensity melee to make it one of the best parkour games on this list.

The cyberpunk dystopian setting is the perfect backdrop for an action game in which you dart around neon signs to destroy your enemies. Read more about Ghostrunner by checking out the game’s Steam page.

3. Dying Light 2

When Techland created Dying Light, the game was an instant success. One of the biggest reasons for its success was its realism when dealing with zombies.

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The game doesn’t offer many weapons, and players often have to rely on their escape skills to survive the night. Dying Light 2 increases the intensity even more as players have a vast map to parkour on.

As for the system, players have various options, ranging from scaling walls to jumping into buildings. In some video games, the parkour system feels excessive, especially when it is not implemented properly.

Both Dying Light games emphasize the need to move across walls as perfectly as possible. The way players need to use their surroundings to escape is important, as not every zombie can be taken out directly, especially at night.

4. Human: Fall Flat

One of the highest-rated parkour games on Steam, Humans: Fall Flat may not have a big-name publisher (Human: Fall Flat’s publisher is Curve Digital), nor crazy 3D graphics, but this title is going to be fun enough.

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A must, especially for those who like games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Human: Fall Flat, which launched in 2016, is a “hilarious, light-hearted platformer” that takes place on floating landscapes (yes, you read that right).

Madness can accommodate up to eight players, and users can play golf, jump and bungee on platforms, in wild obstacle courses, and more.

4. Spiderman

Arguably the best spiderman game ever, being a superhero and doing unique parkour tricks will always be fun.

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Being Spiderman and being the ultimate free-runner is something that players want. Being able to swing from building to building and catch Spiderman midair makes this game a mistake for a skateboarding game.

It’s easy enough not to lose momentum when players swing right every time and every web zip is perfect. All of these things can help Peter Parker get the big apple from one place to another quickly, so parkour can save a life.

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1 Mineplex.
2 Minr.
3 Happy HG Network.
4 Play In A Box.
5 Triumphia.
6 Upcraft.
7 UltimisMC.
8 The Cyclone Network.

1 Fireboy And Watergirl.
2 Fireboy And Watergirl 2.
3 Fireboy and Watergirl 3.
4 Vex 4.
5 Fireboy and Watergirl 5.
6 Hill Climb Racing 2.
7 Stickman War.
8 Fun Race 3D.

1 Mox MC is a Minecraft server with great seasonally themed parkour maps.
2 is a brilliant server for practicing parkour skills.
3 Happy HG offers a large selection of parkour maps, each with a unique theme.