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Top 5 Best Android Games for 2022

The best Android games cover a lot of ground. Whether you’re looking for adventure game, arcade title, puzzler, or racer, there’s something for any taste. And, while there are plenty of options out there, not all of them are so good. To help you out, we’ve tested, evaluated, and rounded up our top picks here so you can leave those messy console ports and boring puzzle games out for some amazing touchscreen titles.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

What would be a best Android game roundup without one of the popular free-to-play shooters on the list? Given that Fortnite is no longer available on the Play Store, Call of Duty is the obvious choice for today’s roundup. Sure, PUBG is still going along, but there’s no denying Call of Duty: Mobile is the coolest kid in the group. It’s new, and, well, it’s Call of Duty’s weird.

Classic maps are included for those feeling nostalgic, as well as a battle royale mode that mirrors the gameplay found in every other battle royale. Monetization is greedy but mainly cosmetic, although fraud is an issue. But which competitive mobile game doesn’t deal with this problem? More or less, Call of Duty: Mobile does a decent job of bringing the primary features of the popular shooter from console to mobile, though the all-too-familiar issues that plague most F2P mobile games do exist.

2. Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runterra is one of the newer Android games on this list. It’s an online battler similar to games like Hearthstone. Players collect cards and heroes, then build a deck from those cards and heroes. You then battle opponents online. The game removes as much randomness as possible and this leads to a good gameplay experience overall.

The game includes 24 champions, a bunch of cards, and you can even invite friends to duel with you. Hearthstone had long donned this list, but the time has come for a new champion in the field. You can find more great card duel games here.

3. The Secret of Cat Island

The Secret of Cat Island is an adventure game mixed with a city-builder. You start with very little and build your own little village. Meanwhile, you also roam the game world to discover new and interesting things. It’s very similar to games like Family Island, and the game doesn’t stray too far from that premise.

This is mostly for relaxing and doing something on breaks at work. Those looking for extra depth won’t find it. It’s a good game if you’re into these kinds of games, but it doesn’t differ much from other games in this genre in terms of attracting new players.


If you are someone who enjoys a good tower defense game, then you should definitely give Rush Royale a try. It takes familiar formulas and adds a lot of nuance and intricacies. You build a selection of wizards and warriors to defeat enemy hordes, unlocking more units all the time. By choosing a different selection of characters to form your team, you can create your own strategy, but beware, you may have to modify it for new challenges as you go.


Critical Ops is one of the best first person shooter games for Android! In this new generation game, you will face terrorists in different urban settings and you can even play on a team of terrorists if you want. The game has developed and attracted a solid online multiplayer community, allowing you to play the game against both your friends and players from around the world.

It is worth remembering that, although it is already available, it is still a game in full development, precisely to meet the needs of the most demanding FPS players. According to its developers, this is not a “pay-to-win” game, with in-game purchases geared towards customization of the accessories.

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