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How to get Free Fire Advance Server OB34 APK and Activation code

With the release of Advanced Server, the countdown to the Free Fire OB34 upgrade has begun. The client has kept gamers in the discussion over its release as it serves as a testing ground for new features and enables gamers to provide input before rolling out with the actual update.

The Free Fire OB34 Advance Server will open today, and gamers can install the client via an APK offered on the official webpage. Although the file is accessible to all users, only selected players who have received the code can access it.

Note: Battle Royale Game Free Fire is banned in India. That’s why the players of the country should avoid playing it. They could run the MAX version because it was not among the restricted applications.

Steps to get Free Fire Advance Server OB34 APK and Activation Code

Garena has a webpage dedicated to Advanced Server, where users can register to receive the activation code and APK file for the latest client.

If users are unaware, in order for players to access the Advance Server, they will need a unique code, which they will need to input after booting up the application for the first time. It is a single-time code that expires once it is used.

Therefore, players must register to receive the code ahead of time. They can follow the steps given below to access it:

Step 1: Players can visit the Free Fire Advance Server website on any webpage. Gamers can also use this link to access it instantly.

Step 2: Next, users need to sign in using Facebook or Google. A new form will appear on the screen asking them to fill all the required details.

Step 3: Gamers can click on the submit button. They can get an activation code later.

Gamers need to note that registration does not ensure a guaranteed slot. They may or may not receive an activation code.

Players may follow the steps given below to get the APK file:

Step 1: Gamers can access the webpage and sign in to the account they have used to register.

Step 2: Next, they have to click on the ‘Download APK’ button to get the latest file. Once the download is complete, they can toggle on the Install from unknown source option and install the APK.

Step 3: Open the app and enter the code to test the new features.

It is impossible to access the Advance Server without using an activation code, and therefore it is advised to proceed only to those users who have received one.

Download the APK File for Free Fire OB34

After successfully entering all the fields, the APK Client download page should appear with the APK file link. and that is all! Now, wait for the activation code and then you can launch Free Fire OB34 Advanced Server.

Players can easily register by entering their Gmail ID and in-game UID, which is primarily used to send activation codes to the Advance Servers and receive rewards for finding bugs.

Advanced Server counts as a separate application, so there’s no need to remove the original Free Fire. Make sure you have enough storage space and memory available.

This is because the APK size is expected to exceed 1GB. In addition, after the advance server trial period is over, all participants will be logged out, but you can still play with your account in the main game.

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