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Parent reviews for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) | Why is pubg PC so brutal at first play?

PUBG mobile contrasts in the fact that it’s a game with a skill curve that’s essentially based on detail though with messy netcoding, lengthy input lag, overdone lag compensation and a low and unstable tickrate (yes they’ve peaked at 60Hz), no it’s not stable and stays at 20hz-30hz when 80+ players live) will all come to crush it.

So what are the details? This will be more like a tips & tricks answer:

Don’t loot with F, loot while opening inventory and quickly move equipment in your inventory. Weapons have to be dragged further into the weapon slot on the right, the left side of the ammo inventory.

Optimize your parachute landing by reaching 234kmh, your parachute will open closer to the ground

Vigilance: Look around at all times, always plan your route in such a way that immediate cover is available and always listen carefully. Never stand still

Aim and Crosshair Placement: Most people walk around aiming at the floor, especially TPP people. When you shoot, always go for the head, no matter how hard it is.

Don’t be lazy, use Q and E for shoulder peaks instead of full body movement. The first is faster and safer.

Don’t use gilli suits on miranmadi

Never sprint around corners, always aim to go around them.

Have a powerful PC: Input lag is negatively correlated with FPS. In short: more powerful PC = more FPS = faster the game responds to your input (open doors, fire).

Beast has internet connection: High download Mbps and very low ping

Be confident, don’t get scared easily. But don’t be Leroy Jenkins

Map Knowledge: You get it just by playing

Watch Chocotaco’s streams, he’s great at sports. Watch how he plays, see how he thinks and moves on. You will see some patterns like reloading only under cover or staying as far as possible from people with shotguns etc.

Play FPP: This will force you to take more initiative and learn how to manage firefighters faster. Overall, FPP is better at rewarding skills.

Use Flash and Grenades: Grenades are insanely powerful in that game and even if your flash doesn’t blind the opponent, it can still make him deaf and need to know if you can kill him. are running (a reason to play fpp)

I think it should. If you start following those steps you should survive until the full deluxe premium gourmet quality PUBG customization burns your delicious chicken to ashes.

EDIT: The settings! How could I forget?!

  • As for the graphical settings: everything on low/very low except Anti-Aliasing on Ultra.
  • FOV/brightness on maximum and a brightly colored cross-hair
  • I personally have peek on Toggle instead of Hold
  • Bind “Right click” to ADS instead of Aim/ADS, this way you’ll go directly/faster into the scope
  • Gradually reduce the mouse sensitivity the stronger the scope: e.g general sensitivity on 30, ADS on 50, 4x on 30 and 8X on 15–20

When PUBG was everyone’s talk, it was already known as a game where even if you can get a kill, you are either very good or you are lucky.

Now it has been more than a year since the release of PUBG on PC. In this time, players already know how to play and how to shoot. If you have played PUBG on PC recently, deaths are common and are part of your learning curve. You learn what mistake you made and how not to repeat the same for your next matches.

Forgive me for admitting too. Have you come from pubg mobile? In the early matches of PUBG Mobile, most of the opponents are bots. They can’t shoot properly and react slower than cliche slow anime characters. In PUBG PC, everyone is a real player, be it a beginner or a veteran.

PUBG PC Is Going Free TO Play In January, But with some exceptions

So let me guide you about some of the opening matches, I have played a lot of cs go and though i will not have any problem going to pubg

-First match ever: This was the first time I played a “military sim game” so I was using f to loot and I really didn’t know what to loot and how to aim down sight ( double tap right click), the first person I’ve seen literally knock me down

Second match: I went to youtube to see how the inventory system, select fire and aiming sights work, but the thing about pubg is that it’s so unforgivable, you have to be fast need or you will die a lot

A few matches later: The repetition is so hard that I literally fire the same one all the time, my friends and I are exploring the game, killing the whole game like one person and feeling happy about it.

When I reached 200hrs: I bought the game long ago, so this time they lunched FPP mode for the game, this is when you really refine your aim, because in fpp you spend all your time in cover Don’t spend looking for it. Unfortunate souls, you really have to keep moving forward and target others

300 hours played: I can actually clean a house and spray long range and maybe hit some banger kar98 headshots from time to time

I currently have 600 hours in the game, I wouldn’t say I’m really crazy at the game, but I’m better than most people playing it, I get a lot of “dude do you stream” or “do you a pro or something” when I play random squad so moral of the story, just play the game and you will get better, i would recommend playing fpp and watching really good players on twitch or youtube, you can learn techniques and tips even if you just watch them for fun, and get some friends, pubg has a lot of bs (lag, shitty frames) a friend will help you get through

and i have to say that pubg is fun initially but it is really fun when you know what you are doing, there is nothing better than playing others.

Why is pubg PC so brutal at first play?

PUBG is a game that takes more effort to play than easy-to-play survival games such as Fortnite.

Getting a kill or more is an achievement you can relish as long as you’re in the company of people who regularly hit 8–13 or more kills each game. In such a situation, they will only laugh or troll.

PUBG is more brutal as it takes in more detail like bullet drops and other details. This makes killing difficult.

Ignore complaints about network lag or poor coding, optimization or unstable tick rates and problems.

A lot of them aren’t like that, and as a whole people are playing with where they are.

For example the eastern United States coast seems to have more network related issues on PUBG then the central or west coast. It is quite clear.

The game is optimized in the sense that it will run on the hardware it lists as the minimum requirements, on the settings they mention. When you’re away from big cities or large groups of players, the 660 GPU with 6GB of dedicated RAM and ample CPU will run pubg at 60fps normally.

I already have over 400 hours in the PC version from pre-launch. I’ve had the odd team win, have a solo win, and will usually be happy with 5 kills with one or two per round. So I wasn’t exactly great at sports at my peak, if you know what I’m getting at here.

Lately I’ve been playing a few rounds a week, and I’m lucky to get a round off, let alone a kill. Last night I thought I’d be smart and hide in the house single. Someone caught my move, threw a grenade on the top floor, flashed it and attacked me on the stairs and killed me.