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PUBG mobile : 5 Tips For Beginners Trying in 2022

PUBG Mobile brings one of the biggest battle royale games in the pockets of the consumers. This guide will contain useful tips and tricks for mobile players. PUBG (also known as PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds) brings a realistic element to the battle royale formula.

100 people all land on the island together and in each game the players take each other out one by one until a winner is left. Getting the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is a big compliment in the gaming world, because it doesn’t come easy.

No matter whether the player is on console, PC or mobile, each version has its own challenges that they must face in order to come close to victory.

Mobile can be the most difficult to operate, as touch screen devices such as iOS or Android are not the most accurate for shooting compared to computers or mobiles. This guide will help pubg mobile players to learn the way to land and get closer to victory.

3. Have a headset handy

PUBG Mobile is a very audio-heavy game. There are too many audio cues or sound effects that add up to the whole experience, to the point where not being able to hear them can actively hurt your chances at a chicken dinner.

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In this case, it is necessary to use headphones or headset. If you have a wired headset, we’d recommend going that route, but any low-latency Bluetooth headset or earbuds will work just as well.

Unless there’s a huge delay between the phone and your headset, you should be able to pick up and play using sounds to guide you.

2. Pick a more deserted spot to land

When playing a classic map, either alone or as a team, it’s best if you don’t land on a very “popular” spot because the chances of getting killed on arrival are very high.

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For example, if you chose the Erangel map, locations such as the military base, school, pochinki, and hospital are some of the places most players land because there are a variety of weapons and items to loot.

It’s also high-risk, so if you’re not experienced enough, you’ll be put off almost immediately. Choosing an area on the outskirts of the island won’t give you a lot of loot, but it will increase your chances of survival, especially if you’re a beginner.

3. Use an exploded car for cover

Cars can double as good cover spots in PUBG. But cars can be destroyed and if you’re around, you can even be a knock-out. The trick is to destroy the car yourself first and then use what’s left to take cover.

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If you are in a wide open field, this is a good way to cover. Bullets hitting the detonated car will do nothing and you can peek behind the car to dodge your enemies.

Alternatively, if you get a flare gun and already have everything you need, use the flare gun to summon a bulletproof UAZ.

Bullet proof car is not only a good escape vehicle, but when the going gets tough, just hide behind it and shoot. Keep in mind that the car is not completely bulletproof and two or three 7.62 mm bullets would be enough to destroy it.

4. Graphics settings

PUBG Mobile can be a beautiful game to watch, especially on the newer and more powerful flagship mobiles.

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Nonetheless, as a beginner, you should keep the graphics settings as minimal as possible. This will not only reduce lag but will also help you play better. Once you lower the graphics settings, the leaves will be less dense.

If you’re looking for an opponent and playing the game at the highest graphics settings, the foliage and grassy areas may obstruct your field of vision. Finding the enemy will be difficult. Fewer leaves mean easier opening. It may be too simple, but that doesn’t diminish the experience you can still have.

5. Weapons To Use

There are so many different weapons that one can pick up from different houses in PUBG at once. Some have better scope, some have better spread, some have less recoil and some can load faster than others.

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One needs to adapt to the game when choosing a weapon. If you are raiding a house you need a shotgun or a close range weapon like a UZI or pistol. If you are shooting enemies in an area or at a considerable distance, it is recommended to use a sniper or M416.

Scope, muzzle, mag and foregrip also play a major role in deciding the accuracy of your shot. Read about each weapon in the ‘Weapons’ tab in PUBG Mobile and you will gradually understand it.

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1. Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on.
2. Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall.
3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet.
4. 4…but sometimes leave a level three vest.
5. Play the edge of the circle.
6. Keep yourself boosted up late game.

1. AUG. In our listing, AUG is the least recoil weapon, but it will only be available in Air Drops.
2. M416. M416 has been the favorite weapon of almost every player.
3. DP-28. DP-28 is a light machine gun that gives better accuracy when you are prone or crouch.
4. Vector.
5. UMP45.

1. MK14 EBR. MK14. Power: 61/100. Range: 50/100. Recoil: 55/100.
2. SLR. SLR. Power: 58/100. Range: 80/100. Recoil: 50/100.
3. AKM. AKM. Power: 49/100. Range: 38/100. Recoil: 40/100.
4. M762. Power: 47/100. Range: 38/100. Recoil: 40/100. Firing Speed: 80/100. …
5. Groza. Groza. Power: 49/100. Range: 38/100. Recoil: 38/100.