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top 5 Saddest Anime That Made Everyone Ugly Cry in 2022

Are you looking for sad anime that will make you cry? Well look no further, because for this list we’re ranking the saddest anime of all time. These series come from a variety of genres, but they share a commonality of being depressing as hell.

Yes, we’ve included mainstream shows like Naruto, but don’t even try to say that the show doesn’t have some of the saddest moments in anime history. Movies are also included here, so you’ll see sad anime movies like 5 Centimeters Per Second and Grave of the Fireflies in the list below.

1. Chrono Crusade

America in the Roaring 20s. On the surface, this is a positive, peaceful time after the violence of the Great War. But lurking in the shadows is a dark element ready to take away that peace. Sister Rosette Christopher, an exorcist working as part of the Magdala Order, has a duty to fight demons that appear and cause destruction.

But along with her partner Charno, she usually causes more destruction than the demons herself! On a special mission, they meet a young girl with a beautiful voice named Ajmaria, who is being targeted by her own stepfather. As Rosette and Cherno work to save her, more is revealed about the relationship between them. There is more to these two than meets the eye.

2. Elfen Lied

The name comes from the German “Elves‘ Song”. Diclonius is a more evolved species that closely resembles humans. It is said that Diclonius would eventually become the destroyer of the human race. It has two horns and a “sixth sense”, which gives it telekinetic abilities. Because they are dangerous, they are kept in captivity in laboratories. Lucy is a young and psychotic Diclonius.

She manages to break free and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to be shot in the head as she escapes. Wounded, she makes her way to a beach where two teenagers find her. Lucy has lost her memory and is barely able to speak, speaking only the word “New”. This makes their name and their personality becomes like a child. The teenagers, Kouta and Yuka, take her home, but the government is chasing Lucy. See this review for more information.

3. Final Thoughts

Different anime make different people cry. Some cry too much. Anime has a habit of driving us through a train of emotions. An anime that isn’t classified as ‘sad’ can still make us cry like kids! Look at Attack on Titan. It has scenes that will make us cry. Even our favorite series finale can make us cry.

Watching these shows will definitely advance your anime knowledge and teach you a thing or two about the ups and downs of life in general. So grab your tissues, sweatpants, chocolates, ice cream and crying pillows, and get ready to cry like a three-year-old with these amazing series!

4. Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni 

War is not good for anyone. The two world wars that our world has gone through have had a devastating impact on the lives of people and the progress of humanity. Both of them are well documented in popular culture and have inspired countless films and books. ‘Kono Sekai no Katsumi Ni’ is one of the long list movies, but it is not just about sadness and loss but how to live life to the fullest in tough times.

Suzu Urano is an intelligent and hardworking young adult. After marrying Shusaku Hj at the age of just 18, she has to move to Kure, a small town in Hiroshima. Shusaku works at a naval base as a clerk.

5. Plastic Memories

Released in the spring of 2015 and created by Doga Kobo Studios. This anime itself has Scf-Fi, Drama and Romance genres. Plastic Memories is set in a city, in the future, which is very advanced and sophisticated, where humans live side by side with androids who are as normal people and are similar to humans, they have memories and There are feelings. SAI Corp is a company that designs and manufactures an Android named Giftia.

Giftia is an Android model with the latest technology and has almost human-like qualities in terms of face, thoughts and way of working. However, the Giftia Android model is only able to live for 9 years. Tsukasa Mizugaki is a new employee at Terminal Service. He is responsible for the problems caused by Android. He also has an Android partner named Isla. Yes, this anime is a romantic story between humans and Androids that is full of emotions.

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