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top 5 Most Comforting Video Games in 2022

Video games can be entertaining, but they’re not always the most comfortable way to spend your time when you’re stressed out and shy away from practicing responsible social distancing.

Rushing through ultra-tough platforming games and shooting your way across a chaotic online battlefield isn’t on any list of stress relievers I’ve read. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite games to play when you’re trying to zone out and relax.

We focused on cheap games that are available on multiple platforms, so you don’t need to drop a bunch of money on new gaming hardware, and many of these titles should be accessible and fun to play, even if you haven’t had one. Can be picked up, play once in a while or generally don’t play video games at all.

The best relaxing games

The best relaxing games are here to help you unwind. We all need some rest and relaxation these days, and sports can provide a little virtual space where you can kick back and unwind from the hectic day-to-day .

From delightful puzzlers to enchanting sims and casual adventures, you’re sure to find something that will help you take the load off. Read below to learn about the best relaxing games you can play when you need a cute, calming experience.


Flow is a fascinating curio that was originally released as a Flash game with the thesis of the company’s co-founder, Genoa Chen, the master.

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Chen’s research focuses on dynamic difficulty adjustment – ​​the concept of designing a game in such a way that players of different skill levels can customize their own experience and enjoy a game at their own pace.

In other words, what many players actually see from a chill game session. Although it may sound complicated, the gameplay is anything but. As a tiny plankton-like creature, you explore a mysterious biosphere in search of food.

Consuming other life forms develops you and allows you to face greater dangers. Flow can then be played as a more intense survival experience, but casual players can swim in peace to their hearts’ content. It may be best known as a PlayStation release, but you can download it for PC if you’re in the mood for some minimalism.

2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that was heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon games.

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It was originally released for PC in 2016, but was eventually released for Xbox One, PS Vita, PS4, iOS, Android and Linux as well. It was created within four years by one man, Eric Barone, and truly turns out to be his labor of love.

The game is all about farming and building friendly relations with villagers. Players can take care of animals and crops while participating in mining and fishing.

Like Minecraft, the game can get more exciting depending on gamers’ playstyles – but everyone is able to just kick back and relax. Players also get to marry NPCs of their choice and raise families on the farm.

3. Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley is the most iconic relaxing puzzle game on mobile. The game uses Escher style puzzles and enjoyable graphics to attract the player.

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From there, you move around the levels, traversing them until you find your exit. There is no point system or time limit for getting in the way so you can take your time. The base game is included in the price of the first game and you can get additional DLC for free.

The second game runs for $4.99 and doesn’t have any DLC yet. Both the games play basically the same and you can’t go wrong with either. You can also play them both for free through Google Play Pass.

4.  Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Lands is the latest game from Nintendo to grab our attention, and it’s only available on Switch.

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Is it comfortable? Yep, just look at the visual style – cute colorful characters abound and Kirby has a gentle flair for the adventure of exploring this fantasy land.

It can get a little wild because you’ll need to fight other creatures, but it’s hardly stressful when that fight involves sucking them up and taking them out in a comical way. If the action becomes too stressful, you can pass the pad or call a friend to help.

5. Journey

The journey is the spiritual predecessor of the flower and has similar broad ideas. The game offers stress-free exploration through picturesque locations, set to an expertly crafted, serene soundtrack.

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Though much more than just a flower, Journey delivers wide vistas more than singularly colored spots. We never thought that sand-covered ruins could be so beautiful, mostly because we have seen people dying in movies and video games.

But apparently, once you remove all the life-threatening aspects of the desert and stylize it a bit, you end up with an amazingly colorful and relaxing landscape. PS4

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