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top 5 Best Remastered Switch Games

It used to be that, if you miss out on a particular game, the only way you could catch up was to buy the original console and the original game. Then, thanks to services like Virtual Console, you can emulate those old games you don’t own on an older console, for much more affordable prices than what you’d find in second-hand sales.

Then came the era of remasters with updated graphics, controls, and sometimes new content, and it was quite exciting to be able to play old games on new hardware.

1. Trials of Mana

Fans of the Mana series finally got some hopes and dreams answered when this first Japanese exclusive SNES game from 1995 finally received a global remake for the modern console. What makes Trials of Mana so compelling is that they have six playable characters with their own backgrounds and personalities, but you’ll have to choose three of them to be in your party.

As such, the people you choose determine the kind of adventure and the kind of relationships that develop as you play. Characters you don’t select appear during your playthrough, but you’ll have to play the game again with them in your party to get a full picture of what’s going on here.

2. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is an action-adventure hack ‘n’ slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. It is the sequel to the 2009 game Bayonetta, and was directed by Yusuke Hashimoto and produced by Atsushi Inaba and Nintendo’s Hitoshi Yamagami, under supervision by series creator Hideki Kamiya.

Bayonetta 2 follows on the action-style gameplay of its predecessor, in which players control the eponymous Bayonetta as she fights against various angelic and demonic forces using a combination of melee attacks and gunplay. Dodging enemy attacks at the last second activates ‘Witch Time’, slows down Bayonetta’s surrounding enemies and allows players to easily …more

3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released for DS on October 12, 2005, which was actually an enhanced remake of the GBA game that Japan only got in 2001. There have been many more ports since then, even an HD trilogy that followed it up in 2010. iOS device.

However, this new collection is slightly improved graphically and was made available on consoles for the first time since the Wii in 2010. These are still some of the best visual novels for anyone who likes good detective stories with funny characters.

4. Burnout Paradise 

Paradise is the final true game in the excellent Burnout Racing series. What sets these games apart is their emphasis on dangerous driving and battling your opponents. Driving on the wrong side of the road, almost non-stop traffic, and big air travel all encourage you. Hit them on the wall to take out your opponents and leave them in your dust. Instead of the arcade level-based gameplay of previous games, Burnout Paradise has a full open world to explore.

Between events, you can find collectibles, challenge record times on each road, and even play online with others. The remastered version brings improved graphics, improved performance and all the DLC from the original, including an additional Big Surf Island area and motorcycles.

5. The Last Remnant Remastered

This game from Square Enix has remained pretty obscure, despite finding its way onto multiple consoles in over a decade. With Western influences and a deep interface, this gritty RPG is something of a departure from the more typical JRPGs.

The game is led by Rush Sykes, the son of prominent scientists, who finds his way into the thick of a chaotic war.

For those who can deal with a steep learning curve, The Last Remnant captivates with its lush world and a deep, structured combat system that fuses action with strategy. The brilliance of this rerelease suits this epic with its gorgeous, realistic feel. The remaster also boosts performance with the upgrade from Unreal 3 to Unreal Engine 4.

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