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How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

Those who participated in the MINECON event before MINECON Earth 2017 each received a cape; A different color and design every year. Individual hats gifted to lucky individuals in honor of their achievements are still rare, as are Reddit user u/billyk_ who was given a personalized turtle cape for suggesting that turtles be added to Minecraft.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft

Unless you can come up with a suggestion in the form of turtles (unlikely) or can travel back in time to Minecraft’s past, it sounds like you’ll want to get away with it when it comes to getting any Minecraft cape. are out of luck who are currently fluttering around.

How to Get a Cape Officially

It can be a bit difficult to officially get a cape in Minecraft. Because this requires you to contribute to the Minecraft community by either becoming the Minecraft Mapmaker and saving points, wait until Mojang puts them out, or attend an official Minecraft event.

For Java players, if you purchased Minecraft before December 2020, you can get Migrator Cape by converting your Mojang account to a Microsoft account.

If you’re on Bedrock, you can get the Pan Cape by signing up for the beta Bedrock version.

What are Capes and What Is Their Use in Minecraft?

Caps in Minecraft is a free-flowing clothing item that is attached to the player’s shoulders. They are worn extra to the player’s skin. So, you can also add different styles of capes with your cool Minecraft skins. But the cape are not in any way related to or affected by the skins.

Caps work the same in all Minecraft versions that support them. But don’t confuse them with the in-game item Elytra, which helps you fly. Unlike the Elytra, the capes don’t split in half when you’re using them. Not to forget, the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft differ greatly when it comes to the cape. So, let’s cover each of them one by one.

How to Get Capes in Minecraft Bedrock

If you have been a part of the Minecraft community for a long time, you must have heard about Minecon. It is a popular annual event where Minecraft players come together to celebrate the game. Not to be forgotten, this is one of the sources to get free Minecraft Capes. Prior to the 2017 Minecon, all Minecons were offline events and offered caps to ticketed spectators.

Since then, the event is only being livestreamed, and capes have become rare. One of the recently popular capes is from Minecon Live 2019. This was given to all Minecraft Bedrock players whether they were part of the event or not. Hence, the hope is not completely over in the case of Minneon Cap.

Get Animated Capes in Minecraft

Even though we haven’t got official animated capes yet, nothing is stopping the community from making some. Minecraft Bedrock players can get the animated cape online. As of 2022, we don’t have them in the official market, but you can download them from independent creators.

It’s easy to find animated capes for Bedrock Edition. There are also some animated cape alternatives for Java Minecraft, but not many reliable or free sources.

These capes function in the same way as regular capes, but have moving images on them instead of a static texture. Animated caps are based on GIFs and offer the same quality and enhanced look as regular caps. However, keep in mind that these animated capes will only be visible to you. Other Bedrock players cannot see any caps not downloaded from the official market.

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