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top 5 best RPGs for Android for both action RPG and JRPG fans

The best RPG games are the ones that tell great stories, have engaging character progression and fun combat, and much more you can find on Android. The thing is, there are tons of RPG games out there on Android, many of which can get lost in the best of the game.

And while our list of the 10 Best RPG Games on Android barely covers all the titles of your time, these are some of the best places to start RPG is also a fairly broad genre that now casts a pretty wide net. . If you’ve never played an RPG before, you’re in for a real treat. Because there’s so much to love about them. Some will get you invested in the character backstories. While others will let you explore the vast world full of life.


Mysterious Quest 3 is a mobile RPG game for fans of the classic tabletop game. It is a turn-based RPG that mixes adventure, role-playing and strategy elements to tell an epic tale of revenge and redemption. You build your adventure from your choice of 10 unique classes as you fight hordes of orcs and other undead enemies to restore your guild’s honor and save your people.

On top of the main story, there are real-time multiplayer quests so you can match up with your friends and other players from around the world and unlock great rewards. There’s also a search editor that lets you create, publish, and share your custom-made discoveries, as well as options to play through searches made by other players.


Although Darkest Dungeon isn’t a dungeon crawler in the traditional sense, it specifically features dungeon crawling, so it would be criminal not to include it here. You form a party of random adventurers and send them to a variety of ‘dungeons’ to retrieve your family’s wealth.

While demons remain a major threat, the biggest one is actually the psychic system. Your characters will face tension in all its forms, including paranoia, fear, irrational behavior, and more. They each have their own issues to deal with and deal with if you want to make it to the bitter end.

3. Stardew Valley

premises? Your grandfather has just passed away, leaving his old farm to you – his dearest grandson. Leave the bustling city behind as your visit to Pelicans City, where you’ll find old farmland waiting to be revitalized.

Explore the city and its surroundings while learning the tools of the farming trade as you transform your run-down property into a picturesque environment filled with crops, flora and farm animals. Make friends with local townspeople, and settle into your new life as a farmer and country boy (or girl).

4. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger was originally released on the SNES in 1995. The Android version is a direct port of the DS version from 2010 that came with additional content and cutscenes. In our original review for Chrono Trigger, we called it “one of the best games of all time in a convenient form.” While we heartily recommend it to anyone playing the original release, it’s a great RPG for players of all ages.

Graphics were a mixed bag in the ’90s, but Chrono Trigger manages to have the rare habit of making dated graphics timeless. Plus, Chrono Trigger combines a compelling story, memorable soundtrack, and an impressive amount of replayability to create an RPG you’ll never want to put down.

5. Overlive

Overlive Survival is a mix of RPG, Text Adventure and old school adventure game. It’s RPG enough to be included here. As text-heavy RPGs go, Overlive is seriously addictive. While zombie-themed games are 10 cents a dozen, Overlive offers a number of unique elements. The game’s premise of being trapped in a big city in the interest of collective zombicide isn’t entirely refreshing as zombie stories go, but it’s seriously engaging as the premise of a survival RPG.

You have 180 days to escape, and the wealth of places and events you encounter while trying to find your way is compelling, as the writing overall is first-class. While the title only offers bare-bones RPG elements, gamers open to text-oriented RPGs will find themselves intrigued with Overlive’s smart mechanics and strangely gripping storyline.

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