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pubg mobile new update 2022

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update: Tencent teases major update coming to Battlegrounds, see details – PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games across the world.

Currently, the 1.9 update is live in pubg where we have seen amazing features and changes in Battlegrounds. The next update (2.0 update) is scheduled to arrive in May 2022.

There are some leaks circulating on social media regarding the upcoming update. Let’s check out the details of the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update

Official Version of Livik: One of the most enjoyable maps “Livik” is officially coming into the game. Till now the map was in beta phase. The developers have finally announced that they will be bringing the official version of the map in the next update.

IMPROVEMENTS: Tencent Battlegrounds is improving Mobile India. An improved Battle Royale mode with better gameplay experience. Tencent is all set to bring improvements in BAN PAN (Anti-Cheat System). new pdp Where fans will get a chance to design in-game cosmetics.

IP COLLABORATIONS: The PUBGM 2.0 update will bring several collaborations with the popular IP. They have already announced cooperation with EVANGELION. There will be more collaboration with new updates like Blackpink and more.

PUBG Mobile PDP 2.0 Project for 2022: Basic Overview

The Ptopia Design Project is a global community-sourced co-creation program where a community of designers, players and PUBGM players build for themselves.

Community-generated content comes in various forms such as fan art, costume design contests, etc., creating an art ecosystem for everyone who plays the game and is a fan of the game. PUBG Mobile started a design competition in 2020 and continues to launch more.

Since the launch of PDP in 2021, the game has held more than eight global construction competitions and added over 30 designed items to the game. And, to create a bigger platform to showcase the creative talent of the players, PUBG Mobile has announced the latest version of the creator program, P.D.P 2.0.

PUBG Mobile’s plan with the new P.D.P 2.0

The game plan is to launch an urban city block for players around the world for the new PDP, PUBG Mobile PDP New Streets, the process of bringing all the community-driven events is already live where players can play PDP under one roof. You can experience everything related to , City Blocks will continue to grow in the future with contributions from creators around the world.

The aim of the game is to collide with global cultures to bring you even more content. This could be in the form of new cosplay or even new comics.

In addition, the game will host open competitions where creative people from different industries can participate. Joint creative effort and greater expansion of creative content will bring more diverse content to the game.

The game will include new items, designed clothes and more, based on cultures from all over the world. In addition, creators will get a chance to represent their cultural vibrancy throughout their designs. P.D.P 2.0 will keep bringing new schemes to give them platform. However, the game hasn’t shared the exact roadmap yet.

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