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Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

As a beginner playing Minecraft can seem very daunting. However, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be crafting like a pro in no time!

Even though Minecraft has been around since 2011 and has been a global phenomenon ever since, people are still trying out the game for the first time.

Fortunately, it has a thriving community of loyal fans and game developers habitually release massive updates that expand the game’s content and take the game in exciting new directions.

It can be a bit overwhelming for starters though, so here are some basic tips to survive the first few nights and give you a good start as you dive into this rich game.

Your first day in Minecraft

When choosing Singleplayer and Survival Mode in Minecraft, your first day can be very exciting but also very stressful. You are immediately thrown into a world with little resources and have to prepare yourself to make sure you survive your first night, when hostile mobs are more likely to attack you.

Generally, your first day in Minecraft includes things like gathering resources, chopping wood, killing animals, building or finding shelter, gathering food, etc. Now that you know how to play Minecraft, enjoy building and exploring the unlimited virtual worlds available to you!

1. The Dawn of a New Day

Just don’t run out of your shelter. Although some monsters cannot survive in the light, they can hide in the shadows or stand in water to stop the flames.

Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

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If you’re on the edge of a cliff, something will probably jump down from above you as soon as you get out.

Some monsters can survive in broad daylight after being born in the dark (like creepers and spiders), so you may have some that you need to deal with before continuing your quest.

I usually run out of my place and look around for anything that might kill me. It also helps to put things away from your shelter. It can be very frustrating that a creeper blows it away. Be sure to go back and close the door / lock the entrance or just something could wander inside.

2. Create your skin

You can customize your character by choosing one of the many pre-made skins available in the settings.

Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

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But why not go all the way and make your own? With recent updates, you can now create it and turn your character into anything you can dream of.

After all, Minecraft is even more fun if you play as an architecturally inclined dinosaur. Check out this excellent tutorial that tells you everything you need to know to make your own Minecraft Pocket Edition skin on your Lumia.

3. Use the internet to help you craft

It’s right there in the name: “mine” followed by “craft”. Everything you do in Minecraft stems from mining raw materials and then making them into something new.

Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

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At the start of the game, you’ll mine trees (with your fist, inexplicably), and then turn that wood into planks, a crafting table, sticks, and a wooden sword, axe, and pickaxe.

As you collect more materials, you’ll reach tools of stone, iron, and eventually diamonds, while learning how to make magic and potions. The entire crafting tree in Minecraft is elaborate and impossible for a casual player to remember.

Fortunately, we have the Internet. Keep your phone handy so you know how to make everything you need. This crafting guide can help you get started, and there’s no shortage of useful content on YouTube.

4. Identify your “experts” in the field.

Beginning gameplay with an experienced player or two—a student or even your own child—is a great way to learn the basics before attempting to teach with Minecraft.

Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

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In class, I recommend initially selecting a few resident experts and asking them to mentor you and other students. This was an important revelation for me. I was not an expert, and I had to make my peace with it.

It was a transformative experience. The students began to lead the lessons and walked around the room helping others.

It empowered even my shy students to move into the role of a mentor. If you prefer to do some introductory homework on your own, famous Minecraft YouTuber, Stampy has created a really useful video for first time players.

5. Change Spawn Point with Lodestone

Minecraft allows players to use lodestones to change their world spawn points. It’s a simple block that resets your compass so that it points to the location of the lodestone.

Minecraft For Beginners | 5 Tips To Get You Started in 2022

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So you can use a compass to find your base, even if the world isn’t built to spawn. Just make sure not to break the loadstone. You need 8 pieces of chiseled stone bricks placed on the border of the crafting area and 1 piece of netherite ingot in the middle.

Once it’s ready, you need to use your compass on the lodestone to connect them. Then instead of pointing to the world spawn, the compass will point to your lodestone. It works in all three in-game dimensions.

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1. Memory:2 GB.
2. Graphics Card:Intel HD 4000.
3. CPU:Intel Core i3-3210.
4. File Size:1 GB.
5. OS:Any modern distributions from 2014 onwards.

Players who have been playing a lot of Minecraft and are bored should try out these fun new activities to spice things up.
1. Make A Farm.
2. Build A Highway.
3. Venture Out And Go Exploring.
4. Complete Achievements.
5. Try A Challenge.
6. Build Underwater, In A Cave, Or Mountain.
7. Hunt For Rare Items.
8. Find Axolotls.

1. Coastal Towns.
2. Mooshroom Paradise.
3. Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves.
4. Beautiful Lush Cave.
5. Vertical Island Village.
6. Hillside Village.
7. Biome cluster.
8. Slime Farm.