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best fps games for pc

Riot Games’ plan to launch a shooter between the likes of Counter-Strike: Go and Overwatch was an ambitious one, considering how popular those franchises are, but with Valorant it delivered perfectly on that vision.

A hybrid of tactical shooting and hero play, Valorant blends elements of both genres to create a familiar experience completely unique at the same time.

If you haven’t played Valorant yet, you’ll probably find it a little difficult at first. Each round is intense, demanding precise objectives, teamwork, strategy and a solid understanding of how to use each agent.

Don’t let that happen, though, as the matchmaking system is designed to accommodate new players, and there are more casual game modes like Spike Rush and Escalation to learn the ropes.

1. Apex Legends : Best FPS Games on PC

Apex Legends rocked the battle royale scene when it launched back in 2017, and it’s stuck out ever since. In fact, Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter has gone from strength to strength; It was one of the most played games of 2022, supported by frequent and robust updates including new playable characters, maps, gameplay modes and even animated series to make use of its fascinating lore. can be expanded.

Officially an off-shoot IP set in the universe of Titanfall, Apex Legends is as popular as it is fun to play. It’s a battle royale FPS experience that requires both skill and strategy, but it’s easy to pick up and play that will appeal to those who don’t like the notion of 5 hour practice sessions to learn the ropes.

There’s also a new 3v3 arena mode that launched last year for those who prefer a smaller, goal-based option that focuses more on gunplay than the looting and survival elements inherent in large-scale combat games. focuses.

2. Halo Infinite

After listening to fans (and possibly Beyoncé’s previous list), late last year 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios put a little more Halo back in our lives. Timed to coincide with the original game’s 20th anniversary, it did not disappoint…

The series’ first open-world design is nothing short of a delight, reminding all of us what we felt on the Halo universe in the first place, only this time giving players more room to explore it.

These fertile battlefields invite you to think outside the sandbox, with all sorts of ways to succeed – perhaps you’ll be blowing up a vanishing weapons factory, or even shutting down a vehicle facility. For fuel will destroy the core.

3. Valorant

If there’s an FPS game worth mastering in 2022, it’s hard to beat Valorant. A team-based (PC-only) game so colorfully immersive that you’ll feel like you’re closing the pages of a graphic novel, it even requires real inventiveness.

Think of it like American football, instead of just working together to place a pigskin behind the opposing team’s goalposts, it’s a bomb behind enemy lines, which you must plant or defuse depending on whether your team Attack or Defend.

Granted, it’s basically the same premise of Counter-Strike, but in truth it’s much more, boasting enough magic and sci-fi-like weapons to rival the MCU.

4. Metro Exodus

Previously a linear shooter oscillating between tight spaces and vast irradiated tundra overgrounds in Russia’s underground subway network, Exodus envisions Metro with its slow-burning, atmospheric brand of shooter like an open-world game.

There is no climbing tower and no collecting collectibles, mercifully, that iteration has been replaced with a sprawl of damaged but darkly beautiful outdoor space. It’s a place that tells the story of Artyom’s friends on the train as well as the world of the subway – and it also has some serious raconteurs.

5. Aliens: Fireteam Elite

There’s nothing like slaying weird monsters with friends in online cooperative action. Aliens: Fireteam Elite puts you in the shoes of a hardened Colonial Marine who is tasked with rescuing survivors and investigating a xenomorph outbreak on the Weyland-Utani colony.

You complete various missions while searching for loot and valuables to improve your marine construction. The game supports three-player online co-op play, but you can also play solo if you prefer.

Combining 1980s action, memorable movie sequences, and gripping combat, Aliens: Fireteam Elite creates an addictive game loop that’s hard to put down.

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