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How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

After so many years of updates and development, Minecraft has really come a long way from its humble beginnings. It started as a passion project and has grown into one of the biggest gaming franchises in existence. One of the defining games of this modern generation.

A grand feat like this means you’re going to be constantly adding new people to the fun. With how complex Minecraft has become, newcomers may need a little guidance to figure out some of the complex details of the game.

Minecraft tips and tricks Bedrock

Getting lost while playing Minecraft is a common occurrence because finding or using a compass is not that straightforward.

So, I understand that pointing which way north in Minecraft Bedrock is a concern that needs your attention.

1. Get creative and have fun

Naturally, this is the most important tip. The possibilities with Minecraft are practically endless, and you can really get your creative juices flowing if you’re the type of person who loves to create, tinker, and build.

How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

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You can build everything from cozy cottages to an expansive city, so put your mind to work and come up with an idea that really excites you. If you need a little inspiration, look around online to see some amazing things others have made.

Adventurers want to embark on a journey rather than stay in one place, and with so many biomes and unique structures just waiting to be discovered, it’s easy to see why.

One last piece of advice: If you decide to go on the adventure, leave yourself a breadcrumb trail so you can find your way back to your spawn point. It’s incredibly easy to get lost in an infinite world, and without a map, you may never find your way again.

2. Make zombie resistant doors

Zombie Proofing a Door is a great way for players to keep troublesome zombies inside their base out of harm’s way. Zombies in Minecraft will generally break into any door they think is currently in the locked position.

How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

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However, one neat trick that players can use to manipulate the core game mechanics is to make zombies think the door in front of them is in an open position when, in fact, it is closed. Technically, a door can be in the ‘open’ position in terms of what the game’s code thinks it is.

What is actually seen, however, is that the door is actually closed, and thus protecting the corpse from harm. Zombies can be a pain in Blocky Darier, right? With their relatively new ability to break down wooden doors, players have been forced to use iron doors in all of their buildings – or have they? Maybe not.

A zombie can break into a wooden door, but he has no idea how a wooden gate works. So you can easily put a gate in front of your door and make your house zombie proof.

3. Avoid skeletons 

While there are some mobs you should be careful about, skeletons can cause the most problems, so try to avoid them anywhere when you first start out in endurance mode. Skeletons are incredibly accurate and can kill you fast, so when you see one, run.

How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

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Skeletons are a type of hostile mob that shoots arrows at you. Skeletons are born to a light level of seven or less, which means they can lay eggs at night, in dark tunnels, or in the ocean. Skeletons will monitor players from sixteen blocks away, and when they notice you, they will draw their bows and fire arrows at you.

Depending on the level of difficulty, their arrows are more accurate or less accurate. They burn in the sun and take refuge in the shade of trees, rocks, or bodies of water. Skeletons born under water will attack you with a sword instead.

4. You can change your spawn point

Your spawn point is always the first place you were born when the new world was created. However, you can change that by doing something as simple as making a bed and sleeping on it.\

How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

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By doing this, your response point will change to the bed in this bed where you have spent the night. Keep this in mind when setting up various bases and moving around the game map. Since the beginning of the Netherlands, dying has been a major risk.

This is because there was no way to set respawn points, as is the case in the overworld. There, you sleep in a bed, and every death means being back in the comfort of your own home, ready to move out again.

In the Netherlands, beds erupt with a violent intensity, and death is an uncertainty as the world’s default spawn respawn point. All that is changing with the Netherlands Update.

5. Developing a Sugar Cane Farm

Sugarcane is indeed an important resource. This is true, especially once you get to Elytra late in the game. While it is not mandatory to provide an automated sugarcane farm, you should always have at least one Bone Meal Farm Sugarcane.

How to Be an Expert Minecraft Player in 2022

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You should keep at least 1 sugar box somewhere so that you can produce a lot of sugar out of it if necessary.

To build a simple sugarcane farm, players will need an observer, a piston, a hopper, a chest, and some building blocks. A short trip to the Netherlands and a little bit of iron mining will suffice to prepare these things.

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Here are things you should never, never, never do in Minecraft. Otherwise you either die, perish, or else. So here it is! But note, we are not responsible if your diamonds fall into the lava. It Never dig straight down. Never, ever, ever dig down. …Never dig straight up. Sand, gravel, mobs, lava, and water can suffocate, attack, drown and burn you to death. …Don’t stand in front of the block you are mining. …Never look at Endermen. …

Never try to kill Creepers without a bow.