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Basic Tips For BGMI And PUBG Mobile Players 2022

In India, BGMI was published as the local version of PUBG Mobile. Both iterations have a significant number of users. Both have taken the mobile gaming industry to new heights as well as popularized the PUBG brand. With millions of people playing both versions, newcomers and amateurs must learn how to compete and win more in terms of gaming.

There is no substitute for direct experience. To improve their gameplay, BGMI and PUBG Mobile gamers should play more classic matches. They will get a better version of the maps and will be able to approach the rounds more systematically if they play more games. They’ll know where to drop and loot to earn Chicken Dinner, as well as how to make it to the end.

Spend some time in understanding the map

We often underestimate how important it is in BGMI to be aware and accurate of our movements around the map. Even if you looked through the map, chances are you haven’t really focused on how you can go about maneuvering and which places are areas of high conflict.

Understanding the map is the simplest and fastest route to becoming a better player, say Kratos and Kr. So be patient in learning the map and practice strategies based on what you learn.

Work on improving your crosshair placement

Learning how to improve your crosshair placement can be a daunting task but is very necessary. It’s a direct cause-and-effect relationship at play – you get your crosshair placement right and you get more headshots. And in return you definitely get more wins.

Basic Tips For BGMI And PUBG Mobile Players 2022

Kratos and Krantiveer say that when working in a team, you’ll also turn to the player who has the best position to execute strategies; And that could be you. As a single player, learning crosshair placement will help you better learn the game in general.

Stay in the safe zone and out of Redzone

In the redzone, there is a possibility that you can pass out because in the redzone, as here, artillery bombardment will damage the terrain, removing any chances of escape. The safe zone is represented by a blue line on the map that gradually narrows, pulling users into a smaller play area over time. If you get stuck on the wrong side of this blue barrier, your health will slowly deteriorate, and you don’t want it to drop to zero.

Basic Tips For BGMI And PUBG Mobile Players 2022

So these are some of the key tips that you can remember while playing PUBG/BGMI. Remember it’s all about practice, no one can learn a great skill in a few days. You will need constant practice. You can also learn from your friends if they have mastered the game.

Select Right Graphics Quality

It’s also important to understand your phone’s performance limits. Because BGMI Mobile is a graphics-intensive game, you’ll notice significant latency or frame drops if you’re using an entry-level phone with graphics set to HD or HDR and frame rates set to High or Ultra.

Basic Tips For BGMI And PUBG Mobile Players 2022

As a result, select the appropriate graphics setting. To do so, navigate to the Settings icon and select Graphics from the drop-down menu. It’s also a good idea to keep auto-adjust graphics enabled, which automatically lowers the graphics setting when performance is poor.

Shoot only if you mean to kill

Don’t go crazy and start spraying every enemy you see. It is difficult to hit a moving adversary from a long distance. As a result, always pull the trigger when your target is stationary; Otherwise, you risk giving up your position instead of being killed. Smoke can be used to revive teammates while providing cover.

Basic Tips For BGMI And PUBG Mobile Players 2022

If you’re certain that an enemy is hiding in a specific building, use a grenade on it and keep the grenade burst as short as possible.

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