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Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Best BGMI Tips and Tricks

Battlegrounds Mobile India has just been released in open beta in India, and everyone can start downloading and enjoying all its awesome battle royale gameplay on their phone. Or better yet, you can download and play BGMI on PC with Bluestacks, because our Android app player is the only platform that supports this game.

If you want to enjoy BGMI with the best possible graphics, and controls with which you will easily beat the competition, then BlueStacks is definitely the way to go.

That being said, as a game directly based on PUBG Mobile, you can expect similar blood-pumping action in BGMI. And with that happening, here are some great tips and tricks you can keep in mind on the battlefield, and that will help you score some easy chicken dinners.

Gun Choice

Getting to Groza at BGMI can be tricky because it’s only available via air-drop. Consequently, the submachine Vector with extended mag, which can fire up to 33 bullets in a single magazine and can be employed in both short and mid-range spray, is another possible option.

Adjust sensitivity settings

Beginners should avoid messing with the default settings of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players can adjust their sensitivity once they have figured out their own playing style. However, players should avoid mimicking their idol’s sensibility without doing a thorough research first.

Clearing angles in TPP

Clearing angles from a third person perspective involves peeking around walls without exposing yourself to the enemy before entering the building. As a result, using a third person camera is a good idea.

In order to outrun a large building in Miramar or Erangel in BGMI, players must be extremely alert to become an easy target if they run without clearing angles or knowing the sound cues.

Silent movement

Easy to move around without any noise. In BGMI, this is by far the most popular and effective technique for winning close-range battles. Players must crouch and walk in small steps, moving only a few inches at a time. It takes a long time to enter, but it allows players to switch positions without any noise.

Survival over Kills

Mobile gamers’ play styles vary greatly depending on whether they play aggressively or deftly. Beginners should know that Battlegrounds Mobile India is basically a survival game, and that it is more beneficial in the long run to stay short rather than kill more enemies. When players choose an appropriate camp area near the middle of the safe zone to take cover, they receive a higher ranking.

Customize Button Placement

Do you want to change controls in BGMI? Yes, you definitely can. Although the game offers several button layouts from which to choose, it is recommended that you change their placement according to your fingers. You can also resize the buttons to suit your needs.

To change the layout of your buttons, go to Settings > Controls > Customize, then make your changes and hit the Save button at the top. Finally, tap Exit.

Explode enemies car

Vehicles in the game can be used as cover, but make sure there is a small gap between you and them, as cars can explode if exposed to continuous bullets. The car’s engine will first emit smoke, then a fire, and finally, your vehicle will explode. You can take out enemies by hitting them in their cars until they explode. To increase damage, use DMRs and machine guns.

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