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top 5 Best Anime To Watch With Dad in 2022

Fans of Japanese animation know how rich and diverse the industry is, as anime pervades every known film and literary genre. This means that there is an anime series for everyone, from fans of high school stories to lovers of graphic horror, historical anime, science fiction, and more.

On the other hand, most shonen and shjo anime are aimed at teen audiences, while sein and josei are aimed at older audiences, but the good news is that these demographics may overlap. There is a remarkable variety of anime series that will allow a wide range of viewers to find something they like.

1. Silver Spoon

If your parents are operating under the impression that anime is about flying robots and superpowers, you need to show them something more real. Silver Spoon takes place at an agricultural boarding school, and follows the protagonist – Yugo Hachiken – as he grapples with the physical exhaustion caused by farm work, as well as the moral issues that come with helping to eat the animals.

Huh. The show also gets frighteningly real about the lives of the rural poor, and doesn’t hold back when it comes time to portray the hardships of poverty. This is a great way to showcase the wide variety of topics that anime can discuss.

2. Sitcom Dad

(Didn’t you hear? I’m Sakamoto) American sitcoms are a very specific kind of animal. My own parents are constant consumers of the latest long-running comedies, having faithfully watched Seinfeld, That ’70s Show, and now The Big Bang Theory. The kind of humor we usually get from anime is completely different and often centers around beautiful high school girls.

Have you not heard? I don’t exactly fit Sakamoto, but there are several points in its favor that could lead to a successful crossover. Gags are mostly physical, without resorting to slapstick. Each episode’s A-B format (or sometimes A-B-C) also sets the pace, so if a joke leaves him sluggish, you’re not sitting there.

3. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

This incredible series unveils the “indecent” daily lives of the cool Rina Ahren and Raidou. Raidou sits with Rina in the classroom. Ahran is not so good at keeping distance between people. She has personal boundaries, and Raidou feels a distance between them. However, one day, Raidau picked up the eraser dropped by Ahren, and he closed the distance between them, which was uncomfortably close. The story unfolds from “too far” to “too close”, and Ahren is unpredictable.

4. Nara Shikaku

And now in the second father from the Naruto series. If there is one family that has the most realistic connection in that series, it would be Shikamaru’s family. With a lazy son and strict wife, Shikaku played the role of a loose but supportive father. The interactions between Shikaku and Shikamaru are often not shown.

But when it does, it reminds us of our father because what Shikaku did is very human and realistic. That one moment, even if it’s a filler one, where she asks Shikamaru to vent her feelings rather than be strong and ask him to move on after Asuma’s death is arguably one of his best moments as a father. was one of them.

5. Genma Saotome – Ranma

The father of the titular Ranma, Genma is a strong martial artist. It is this passion that gets him and his son into trouble when they decide to train at a famous training ground in China. Unfortunately, there are many waterfalls out there that curse anyone who dares to take a dip in the water. When Ranma falls into the water, she is cursed to become a girl if she comes in contact with cold water.

Meanwhile, Genma is cursed to turn into a panda. This doesn’t stop him from being a great father, doing things like pushing his son into an arranged marriage, causing his son to develop a phobia of cats, ignoring responsibility by pretending to be a harmless little panda, and general acting selfishly…

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