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5 tips for Free Fire squads to reach Grandmaster rank in April 2022

Earning the rank of Grandmaster in Free Fire is a title dedicated to the best players. Grandmaster in Free Fire is a very high level that most players cannot reach. It takes a lot of time, patience and many exceptions to reach the top. Unfortunately, this is something that not everyone can achieve.

But, the game also has several modes that will help you reach the rank of Grandmaster. For example, Clash Squad has a ranked mode that you can play if you get tired of leveling up in normal mode.

There are many reasons that prevent players from reaching the Grandmaster of Free Fire, such as time constraints, poor teammates, etc. So, check out these five tips to reach Grandmaster rank in Free Fire as well as tips to get rid of the difficulties in raising yourself.

Mastering Skills for Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire

Players always try to improve skills such as combat effectiveness. In Free Fire, players must master several skills. It improves your chances of winning. For example, learn some 360-degree wall tricks to better defend against multiple attackers.

To provide an advantage in combat, learning skills such as aimless shooting, drag and drop spin, running back wall flares, etc. allows the player to block attacks from all sides and directions and stay safe within seconds. At this point, they can recover and plan a counterattack.

Skill Gap for Grandmaster Rank in Free Fire

As you reach higher levels and ranks in Free Fire, you’ll meet more real players with great skills. Then you will see a huge skill gap between you and these professional players. Even if two players get the same number of points, one will definitely be better than the other.

Less-skilled players will be killed over and over again until they improve their skills or refuse to rise in rank. This limits a player’s ability to earn points through elimination. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid in any match. This is a common reason why many players fail to reach the Grandmaster in Free Fire.

The only solution for the players is to train harder and get better. Players can try playing with an experienced team to gain more combat experience. It will take a lot of time and patience, but it is achievable. Therefore, you have to improve your skills before you can reach higher ranks.

Secure the high ground

The most advantageous position a player can hold in the last circle of free fire is high ground. By securing it, players will be able to get a clear view of the surroundings and locate the locations of enemies.

Living on high ground also makes them a small target. On lower ground it is much more difficult for enemies to target higher ground players who are inclined or lying down. If you managed to claim this benefit, try to defend it at all costs.

Pick the right spot to land

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping in. Also, don’t open your parachute manually – this will slow down your landing speed, giving enemies a chance to advance.

With Free Fire being a BR, landing first is very important, as you’ll be able to get your guns on first and shoot enemies while they’re trying to loot.

Let your parachute deploy automatically when you are about to hit the ground.

Customize your settings to aim better

Changing the sensitivity of your device can be of great help in some situations, as lower sensitivity will be the best setting for close quarters combat while higher sensitivity is best for longer range.

The reason behind this is that you’ll need a steady cursor for enemies moving in close range. However, in long-range combat, you have to be fast to be able to follow the enemy’s movements.

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