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How can I play PUBG mobile like a pro?

If you are a fan of PUBG, then you must know that it is currently the most played game in the world. On top of that, the steady increase in the number of PUBG players day by day adds to its popularity.

Unlike the old times, now everyone owns high-end gadgets and high-speed internet, allowing people to access games like PUBG. This has also increased the competition among gamers.

1. Smoke and grenades

Another sign of pro players is that they are well versed in how to ace and make optimum use of every supply in the game. This type of play can knock out an opponent or even eliminate an enemy team with grenades.

The best way to prevent your opponents from reacting is to hold on to the grenade for about 3 seconds. Additionally, you can use smoke grenades while reviving your teammates, looting crates, or obstructing your enemy’s sight while moving to a safe area.

2. Watch other players

If you want to hone your skills, go ahead and watch the stream of expert players and get tips from them. You can learn weapon handling skills and master sniping skills from these videos.

The above tips will help you to enhance your gaming skills and become a PUBG pro player. Develop these skills, and you’ll be an expert in no time. Stay tuned to come across related content. Also, if you have any doubts, do comment below.

3. Prepare your smartphones

Different smartphones have different sets of hardware and PUBG is a demanding game, hence, your phone needs to be the best. Kill all apps running in background, turn off power saver, data saver and auto-brightness for best experience.

Those with slow network connections or older smartphones can go into the game’s ‘settings’ and reduce the graphics for a lag-free gaming experience.

4. Land as fast as possible

Getting on the field before the other players is important because it will allow you to gather your gear and weapons and reach a safe point before the others. There is only one problem here. Other players may also aim to land at the same spot, and in that case, be prepared to navigate your parachute in another direction and land a little further away from the others.

Tip: To start, land at a place that is slightly out of plane coordinates. This may result in slightly less loot, but you can collect it later in the game.

5. Be a team player

Going it alone seems like a heroic feat, and you always expect more kills that way. But, it’s not the most recommended way to go about the game. Learn to stick with your team as it guarantees that you will last longer.

Communicate with your team and help them if they get injured, and most players will retaliate. Turning on your voice chat also helps guide other players on the team, but make sure you mute the annoying ones as they can prove to be your biggest distraction.

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