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Easiest way to find diamonds in Minecraft Java Edition

Anyone would like to know how to find diamonds in Minecraft, one of the rarest, strongest and most valuable crafting resources in the game. Until recently, the Minecraft 1.18 update made finding diamonds difficult—not on purpose, but because of a bug that affected the way they spawn.

Luckily it now seems to have been fixed, so aspiring warriors and mineralogists alike can explore Minecraft with the knowledge that diamonds aren’t that hard to find (though it’s still not easy). We’ll show you how to find them in our guide below.

How to find Diamonds in Minecraft

The most important item is the iron axe. Diamond ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe or better (better meaning gold, diamond, or netherite). If you try to mine a diamond with a stone or wooden axe, the block will break but you will get nothing out of it.

Bring along a generous supply of torches. The torches will light your way as if you are mine, making it difficult for enemies to fall on you. You can make torches by placing a piece of coal on top of a stick. If nothing is found during excavation, then make coal by burning wood.

Extra arms can help you in a pinch. While you can use your pickaxe when needed, having a good sword and shield is always a better option.

You can prepare these tools as you dig, but don’t break or use them before you find your diamonds – remember that you’ll have to make a return trip.

Diamonds only spawn below Y=16

Press F3 when playing Minecraft on PC (Java version) or console, you’ll need to enter game options and select “Show co-ordinates” (Bedrock version) before loading your world. Diamonds can only be produced naturally below Y level 16, which means if you’re exploring a cave that doesn’t descend significantly, you won’t find the good stuff.

If you’ve already got an Enchanting Table

Mining any ore with a Fortune Pickaxe will usually yield more resources than the ore. Unfortunately, you already need to find diamonds in order to build a tempting table, but it’s a great way to collect more diamonds at once.

Ultimately, finding diamonds in Minecraft is luck. There is a way to the madness though; Below Y=16 there will be only one diamond vein per chunk (a chunk is a 16×16 block), and that vein can be anywhere from 1-10 diamonds long. So if you decide to clean an entire part, you are guaranteed to find a diamond inside.

However, while you can use a more effective mining style like branch or strip mining, that’s a lot of effort for some small reward. Either way, find enough diamonds to outsmart yourself and you’ll be the envy of the whole server.

Diamond ore often appears between layers 5-16, but is most abundant at layer 12. To check which layer you are on, check the Y value (F3 on PC and Fn+F3 on Mac) on your map. It can be found in veins as large as 8 blocks of ore. Lava is often visible between layers 4-10. Be sure to stay on top of these layers to be safe. That way you’ll get diamonds and less likely to crisp.

In short – Minecraft has most of its diamonds in layer 12, but you have to keep your eyes open for the lava to flow.

Since you should never mine directly in Minecraft, the ladder method is a great way to safely and efficiently access the depths of the world. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Dig yourself out at a 45-degree angle, leaving a ladder pattern behind you.

Dig a block deeper than the last with each step. You’ll only be able to return to the surface by jumping your way back up. Ladders cover a lot of ground and are a widely used method for successfully finding diamonds and other minerals.

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