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What is the best sugar cane farm in Minecraft?

Lots of Minecraft items have obvious uses. Users need to collect food to survive, and armor and weapons can help them defend themselves and defeat their opponents. For all of these items, there’s still less to come, though.

The cane is an example of a very beneficial item that not every player thinks they are important at first glance. Although it is used for two crafting recipes, they are both essential and gamers will need a lot of cane while playing.

Sugar Cane uses in Minecraft 2022

Inserting a cane into the crafting table will make sugar which is an ingredient used to make pumpkin pies, cakes, and even motion potions for various dishes.

Plus, if you put three canes in a row on the crafting menu, you’ll have three pieces of paper. This is the item that Minecraft-ers all need to craft books, maps, banner patterns, fireworks, cartography tables, among others.

How to Farm Sugar Cane

There are many items in Minecraft that have obvious uses. Players will need to collect food to survive, and weapons and armor can help the player defend himself and defeat his enemies. For each of these items, however, something is less clear.

The cane is one such example of an extremely useful item that players don’t think is all that important at first. The item is only used for two crafting recipes, but both of them are important and the player will find themselves needing a lot of cane while playing.

Sugarcane is not affected by light, meaning it can be farmed in complete darkness if the player wishes to do so. If left unchecked, the sugarcane crop will grow in approximately one block every 18 minutes, but this process can be accelerated with bonemeal (the bedrock version only).

Finally, there are two primary methods for setting up a sugarcane farm, using either rows or grids. In the row example, players will form a line of water, planting canes on either side of the water, while the grid formation sees each block of water surrounded by four canes.

How to make an automatic sugar cane farm in Minecraft

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of Minecraft is the endless creativity you can have with Redstone. While a lot of redstone wiring is devoted to the fun contraptions used to make your base grow, where it really shines is its practical use with farm automation.

Being able to accrue endless resources from a farm never requires so much, as a single crop takes a huge load off your shoulders, and gives you more time to build, explore, and mine. Is. Here, we will cover how to set up a simple automated sugarcane farm.

sugarcane and sand/dirt

A piston, an observer and a red stone dust on a sugarcane stalk

a bucket, a hopper minecart, a hopper, and a chest

Two powered rails, two redstone torches, and some regular rails

some building blocks and some glass

To start, lie down on a chest with a hopper that has it running – this will be your collection point. Place a few blocks on the sides of the hopper and place the rail on top, with a powered rail at either end, turned on with a redstone torch. There will be a cane stalk on top of each rail, so make your rail as tall as you can. If it’s too long, you may need a more powered rail.

how to farm sugar cane in minecraft

Sugarcane is quite easy to cultivate, however the need to grow sugarcane can make it a bit difficult to increase our land use efficiency. However, there are some ways in which you can plant more sugarcane in smaller plots of land.

We have to keep 2 things in mind. The first is that sugarcane can only grow on a block of sand, dirt or grass next to a block of water, not counting diagonally. Secondly, for the cane to be up to 3 blocks high, no other block can be placed 4 blocks above the ground. Sugarcane will never grow against the bottom of a block.

With this in mind you can build something. The first one is shown below, which uses as few water blocks as possible, creating a square shape. The smaller this size you can go, the more spaces there will be in other sizes.

However, this shape is also the only size you can use to make larger versions, which will always have a few of these squares next to each other. So a 6×6 square isn’t really possible, but an 8×8 square is, as you put 4 of the 4×4 squares next to each other.

This method gives us a land use efficiency of 75%, but we can do better than that, much better. While the following method is not the most crop friendly method, it is the most land efficient method.

So if you have space constraints, for example when you’re doing a custom challenge or when you’re using a plugin like Towny, this setup can maximize the amount of sugarcane that can be cultivated on small plots of land. Might be perfect to do.

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