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These 10 Close Range Fighting Tips Will Win BGMI, Free Fire and PUBG mobile

Mobile battle royale games have taken hold in India since the launch of PUBG Mobile. At present, battle royale games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Garena Free Fire, PUBG: New State and Call of Duty: Mobile are being played in the country.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a battle royale game in which players must master gunfights to take home the winning-winning Chicken Dinner. According to the pros, winning close matches is an entirely different art. In order to take out enemies, you must be cleverly alert in addition to having solid control over the elements of the game.

Each game has its own unique specialty and has its own distinct fan base. But since these are all shooter games, the tricks of one game also work in other games. Today we are here to tell you some tips for close range fighting, which you can use in games like BGMI, Garena Free Fire and PUBG: New State.

How to win every close-range battle in the Pubg mobile?

Do you think it is easy to win close combat in pubg mobile? But the truth is that it is more challenging than a long-distance fight. The first level to become a PUBG lord is knowing how to avoid ‘close-range fights’. Because about 60% of the fighting takes place at close range during the mission. Close fighting takes place in these three situations:

When you landed on the island.

When you go in a hurry or the enemy attacks you.

And in the last circle.

So, don’t you think the situations are the most challenging? But, if you are a master of short-range combat, there is no need to fear. Otherwise, learn to fight close fight like a pro to get chicken dinner in every pubg mobile match.

Top 10 Tips for Players Returning to Pubg mobile

Gun Choice

Getting to Groza at BGMI can be tricky because it’s only available via air-drop. As a result, the submachine Vector with extended mag, which can fire up to 33 bullets in a single magazine and can be employed in both short and mid-range spray, is another possible option.

Clearing angle from a third person perspective involves peeking around walls without exposing yourself to the enemy before entering the building. As a result, using a third person camera is a good idea.

In order to outrun a large building in Miramar or Erangel in BGMI, players must be extremely alert to become an easy target if they run without clearing angles or knowing the sound cues.

TDM and Clash Mode

Apart from the battle royale mode in BGMI and Garena Free Fire, there are also gaming modes like TDM (Team Death Match) and Clash Mode. Here you have to fight only close range throughout the match. You can improve your close range fight by playing as many matches as possible in these modes so that in the last circle of battle royale mode you get Chicken Dinner or Booyah.

BGMI is looking for Head Practice after being given the opportunity to pursue a career change.

A player who has played a match can assume the level of the enemy’s head. Also, a player should always keep his/her head level crosshair to himself. Headshots never betray a player, so it will kill him easily whereas body shots take time.

The player is also required to adjust his crosshair horizontally and wait until the enemy gets into that crosshair. That’s why it is advisable to keep the crosshairs at head level.

Scope and Cover Should be utilized wisely

Scopes such as a red dot, holographic one, 2x, and 3x should be used at close range, and 4x, 6x, and 8x should be used for an enemy that is more than 100 meters away. When it comes to the use of these close-range scopes, these scopes should only be used when the enemy is 50 meters or more than 50 meters away.

A player must use hip fire or fire without aim when the enemy is less than 50 meters away or too close. Opening the scope reduces the player’s movement, giving the enemy a chance to hit the target.

BGMI uses Scope and Cover technology to design and cover the project.

Next is a cover, a player must always remember that if he has a cover, he has an advantage over it. To do this, he should try to use the cover as much as possible.

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