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Top 5 Rare Bundles In Free Fire 2022

The assortment of items and customization options in Garena Free Fire are unmatched compared to most contemporary games. Gamers can use various skins for loot boxes, bikes, cars, glue walls, backpacks, and pets. However, character costumes are among the most coveted items.

Most bundles are offered through the Elite Pass, Lucky Royale, or a special event, and they are available for a limited period of time. Many costume sets become part of the in-game store after a reissue, while some only return through special events. Therefore, bundles of the latter category often become scarce.

1. Hip Hop Bundle

Hip Hop Bundle is one of the oldest Free Fire bundles released in the store. It was introduced as a Tier Reward during the Season 2 Elite Pass. This skin has made it to this list due to its unavailability in the current season.

The game’s older grinders who are playing the inaugural season might have this skin if they invested in the Season 2 Pass.

2. Crazy Panda Bundle

This crazy panda bundle is one of the least flashy skins on the entire list. This FF bundle was the first skin to be released as part of the Magic Cube Elite bundle. The bundle was only available to redeem for a Magic Cube. The skin has a simple black hoodie with a little black panda logo design on it.

3. Blue Dino Bundle

Free Fire brings dino bundles into the game in six different colors. These are dinosaur suits which give a funky look to your player. One of these is the Blue Galaxy Dino Bundle or the Blue Dino Bundle. This bundle has also become a rarity after the Incubator game left. It appears with only a few players.

4. Artic Blue Bundle

The Artic Blue Bundle is an epic costume with blue flames running over its body. The bundle was launched long back at a Diamond Royale event. However, due to its popular demand the bundle was bought back into the game for a very limited period. There are no signs of Bundle returning to the game anytime soon.

5. Zombie Samurai Bundle

Zombified Samurai Bundle is an awesome bundle in Free Fire. This bundle was released back in 2019 when the game had very little player base. This is a customized version of the ever-popular Samurai Bundle. The bundle comes with an epic mask that is bound to terrify your enemies.

Free Fire game is different from other battle royale games because of its attractive features. The game also offers players various skins, bundles and many other in-game cosmetics. There are some special bundles that were released long back but are now among the rarest bundles in Free Fire.