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Garena Free Fire OB32 update Classic changes confirmed and more

An advanced server is available for players to test the features before each major Free Fire update. At this time, Advance Server for the upcoming OB32 update in Free Fire ended yesterday, January 13, 2022, and many exciting features were revealed for the players. The server became accessible to players on 6 January 2022.

The latest OB31 update for Free Fire (FF) was released on December 1, 2021. With this update, several changes were made to the game, such as a new character Nayri, a new pet Yeti, and more. You can view the full changelog here.

Like the previous update, the upcoming OB32 update will also bring many new changes and additions to the game. This article will share all the leaks available to us regarding the new OB32 update for Free Fire (FF).

Garena Free Fire OB32 Update: New Mode, Features, and more to be added in the Game

Garena Free Fire OB32 Update: New modes, features and more to be added to the game. According to the news, the upcoming new OB32 update will feature many items, optimizations and rewards for the players.

There are also many new weapons to be added to the game. We know that the OB31 update which is currently live is one of the best updates in Free Fire.

The update brings a lot of new things such as a new yeti pet that was available for free, a new ranked master, new character Nayri, and some in-game customization.

Also, new exciting modes were introduced where gamers got various rewards. Since the OB31 update was released on 1 December 2021, the upcoming OB32 update is expected to fall on 19 January 2022 as per calculations.

The developer has already done his best to make OB32 attractive and cute. According to the leak, the game will bring new pets, weapons, new features and a new exciting mode. Follow this article to know more details about the upcoming OB32 update.

New weapons in Free Fire OB32 Advance Server

A new unlimited ammo shotgun has been added to the Free Fire OB32. It is a futuristic weapon similar to the Treatment Sniper and the Plasma Gun, with the ability to fire without consuming ammo.

To use this weapon, players need to hold down the fire button to charge it over time, which increases range and damages the more you charge.

This means that the Charge Buster is the new weapon with the strongest firepower in Free Fire. It is possible to kill the enemy instantly with the maximum charge shot.

The best part is that this gun is being added to Clash Squad, where close range weapons are as strong as mid range weapons.

New Weapon, Pet, Modes, Map will have some fun changes after Free Fire OB32 Update

All Free Fire fans are waiting for the Free Fire OB32 Update. Let us tell you in this article what new things will be included in this game with the upcoming update and what will be the changes in the map.

The Advance Server for Free Fire OB32 Update is now out. Advance Server for the upcoming update of Free Fire was started from 6th January 2022 and its last day was 13th January.

The advance server of any new update is there to test the new features coming in that game. Gamers have also come to know many new features from the Free Fire OB32 Advance Server.

Company released teaser

The first two safe zones of the classic map will be shirinked faster than the rest of the zones, that is, the exact opposite of what it used to be.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will now appear in the match sooner than before.

Players will be able to use more airdrops than ever to get hard-to-find weapons and top-tier supplies.

New features coming in the game

The upcoming update may also bring a new Pet to the game, which will reduce the damage.

A new shotgun may also be added, which will be called the Charge Buster. This will significantly increase the weapon range of the players and the damage caused by it.

After the new update, players will get a brand new fitting room where they can create templates for the sets.

Apart from this, a new Clash Squad mode and Craftland mode can also come in the new update.

Let us tell you that the new update of Free Fire is expected to come within a week. Please note that there is no official confirmation of the above mentioned features. We have given you information about the possible features. Now it has to be seen which of these features the company includes in the game after the new update.