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How To Use Smoke Grenades Like A Pro In Free Fire BR Mode 2022

How To Use Smoke Grenades Like A Pro In Free Fire BR Mode 2022: Of all the useful items in Free Fire, the Glue Wall and Smoke Grenade are by far the best. They are easily found throughout the map and can be used in a variety of situations.

While they are well suited for any mode in the game, players can make the most of them in Battle Royale mode. With so many possible ways to use them, knowing a few will give the user an edge in battle.

To become a professional player in Free Fire, in addition to good aiming skills, you’ll also need to learn how to use grenades and other items to their maximum potential.

Smoke grenades are more useful in Free Fire than you might think – sometimes even more than glue walls. In this article, we are going to show you how to use Smoke Grenade in Free Fire BR Mode.

Beginner Tips To Use Smoke Grenades

While playing Free Fire can be frustrating with pro gamers, here are beginner tips for using smoke grenades to advance to advanced levels. Learn e beginner tips to use smoke grenade to survive till the end in battle royale game.

Smoke Hides You From Your Rival

Players disappear in a cloud of smoke. This in turn will not turn the gun reticle red. Your opponent cannot fix the target in the smoky cloud. He cannot see your movement and misses the target.

Unleash The Smoke To Get A Coverage

At the beginning of the game you will not be able to locate the enemies. This is the right time to blow out the smoke to confuse your enemy. Your opponent will anticipate an attack from you amid the smoke, this will make him anxious and he will leave his position for fear of hidden attacks from you.

Helpful in escaping

There are times during the match when enemies surround the players. Therefore, using grenades that can cause distraction is important. Smoke and trap are the best option in such cases. The direction and timing of the throw are very important.

Garena Free Fire isn’t just about guns, as players have to use multiple items to win matches. A right mix of weapons, strategy and skill is very important to excel in the game, players can improve their abilities and skills by training.

In addition, players must be good at equipping weapons and preparing strategies. Grenades are very important in the game. Players can use defenses, flashbangs, smoke to deceive enemies, and delicate grenades to inflict damage. Beginners should be aware of the application for each grenade and here are the best ways to use them.

Important in Endzone Fights

Endzone fights are some of the hardest to win due to several factors such as the uncertainty of enemy movement, varying terrain, and the end zone timer. So in such cases players can use grenades to gauge enemy movements.

annoying enemies

If players feel trapped and have no chance to escape, they must use grenades several times. This strategy can help them destabilize opponents and position them better in free fire matches.