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Chrono vs A124: Which Free Fire character has better abilities

Free Fire of course also boasts a diverse collection of both active and passive characters that players can use in matches. Active abilities are certainly more powerful than passive abilities, but have a longer cooldown time. Unlike passive abilities, activated abilities also have to be activated manually by the players.

Chrono is one of the fan-favorite active characters in the battle royale game, while A124 is considered a less active character. Before the upcoming OB32 update rolls out, this article will compare both their abilities to determine who is better for battle royale and clash squad matches in Free Fire.

Chrono’s ability, called Time Turner, is a special skill that creates a force field that deals 800 damage from enemies outside the area while also preventing Chrono from shooting them.

As the ability levels up, its cooldown time gradually decreases from 180 seconds to 120 seconds. Ability lasts 4 seconds, but can last up to 6 seconds at max level.

Chrono vs A124: Which Free Fire character has better abilities in 2022?

The most popular characters in Garena Free Fire are DJ Alok, Chrono and Skyler. However, it becomes quite confusing when players need to choose one of them. Each character is expensive and players want to get the best character in Free Fire.

Some players even have all three characters in their inventory, but even so, when it comes to choosing between them, think twice. Also, in recent updates, many characters, including Chrono vs Skyler, get dull and buff.

Besides, the real question is, who is the best character in Free Fire in 2022? In short DJ Alok is still the best character in the game but Skyler and Chrono have many similar abilities.

If you want to know which character is the best, Chrono or Skyler then this blog is going to be helpful for you

A124 vs Nairi vs Chrono: Which Free Fire character is better for aggressive gameplay?

All characters in Free Fire have abilities that adapt to aggressive gameplay styles, favored by the community. They allow players to go completely outside during combat and safe elimination.

However, with so many to choose from, knowing which one to use for all situations can be rather confusing. The three best characters with offensive abilities are A134, Chrono and Nary. However, only one of them can be the best in-game. who is this? Read on to find out.

Free Fire’s unique character system is what sets it apart from other battle royales. The uniqueness lies in the fact that each character in the game has its own unique skill that can be further upgraded.

Previously, at most, only three different character skills could be equipped, but in a recent update, that limit was increased to four character skills. In other words, players can now equip up to four different character skills to help them survive times of danger during matches. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the top 10 characters in Free Fire.

How many free fire characters are there?

There are 38 characters in Free Fire. Among them, most of the characters can be obtained by spending a certain amount of diamonds. While some are collected through Luck Royale and Top Up Rewards.

Who is the best Free Fire character?

When it comes to character, each of them is the best as it totally depends on the player. If a player has good skill and experience, he can make the best out of each character he is asked to play with. However, we can name a few to try first and they are Alok, Kee, Wukong and Skyler.

Which Free Fire characters are real?

Out of all 38 characters of Free Fire, there are 5 characters in particular that are based on real life personalities and they are:

  • K – KSHMR, an American musician and DJ
  • Kapella – KPop Singer
  • Alok  – Brazilian DJ
  • Jota – Indonesian actor, Joe Taslim
  • Jai – Bollywood Actor, Hrithik Roshan

Best character in Free Fire who acts as good as Nary in 2022

Free Fire features over 30 characters, each with their own special skills that help gamers step up their game. Since his debut, the hottest newcomer, Naeri, has been a fan favorite.

Ice iron is their ability to help users increase the longevity of their glue wall. When using an AR weapon, the damage done to Glue Barrier is increased by 20%. Gamers who don’t have nary need not worry; This article covers five characters in Free Fire who are just as good as them.