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Best place for rank push in PUBG Mobile

Best place for rank push in PUBG Mobile: Within a year of its launch, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most talked about games, having been awarded the best Android game of 2018 by Google Play. But they haven’t rested on their honours, and have significantly improved the quality of gameplay over classic matches in recent times.

With the massive following of the game, reaching higher levels and improving stats has become important for most of the players. Getting in the right place is essential in getting a high ranking and getting a good number of kills at the same time.

But first, what is ranking system in PUBG?

At the end of each classic game, a player receives rating points based on several factors such as time to survive, kills, etc. Each player starts with 1500 rating points, and after each game the rating points are added to the total. The rating can be positive or negative depending on the performance of the player.

Based on points, PUBG has eight different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace and Conqueror. One player starts with bronze and moves up the ranks. There are further five sub-ranks in all levels except Ace and Conqueror.

Which map is best for rank push in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile offers many playable maps. Being a battle royale game, arenas are a big factor in the ranking of players.

Currently, there are five maps that players can choose from in ranked games. All of them vary in size, and some are large enough to offer a greater chance of survival, while others are made for very fast-paced rounds.

Nevertheless, players can always choose which map ranks to play in based on their comfort level. Nevertheless, some arenas offer a high potential for growth, not only for ranking up but also for exploiting and improving gamers’ skills.

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How can I rank easily push in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest names in the battle royale category across the globe. The game follows one of the most challenging level systems in which players can increase their skill level.

The winner is the highest level in PUBG Mobile, and most players aspire to reach that level to get the winner’s title and other level rewards. However, players who are moving up their ranks for the first time may not understand the basics of rank push, which is discussed in this article.

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Best time for rank push in PUBG Mobile

One of the oldest trends in PUBG Mobile is to push the ranks of ‘Ace’ and ‘Conqueror’. Achieving this in any season, and winning the title “Season X Conqueror” is an attraction for most players. Each season begins with the Platinum or Silver-tier, until one reaches the final level called an ‘ace’ or ‘winner’.

All levels like Platinum, Diamond, Crown and Ace can be achieved by getting good rating points. However, in order to have a ‘winner’ level in any given season, a region’s servers must be in the top 500 ranking.

PUBG C1S4 winner will be very easy if you do it with right tips and in proper ways.

Before we kick off let me tell you that I did a winner in season 16. I got the winner’s title on ACE 12 stars and it took me a month to reach the top 500.

You must be wondering if it is so difficult to reach the winner in Asia server. No the answer is no because I was not giving proper time to push rank. But during that phase I learned a lot and want to share what you should and should not do.