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Final Fantasy VII review 2022

Easily the best game I’ve ever played. Every aspect of it is perfect, from the new casting of the main character’s voice actors to the heavy emotional beat, which were only heightened by minor interactions between characters that weren’t present in the original game, such as Raid XIII and Barrett. A budding bromance between as well as three garden scenes in Chapter 14. The specialty is on point and incredibly well done.

The remade music in particular is stellar, and even though the plot is sometimes confusing at the end, it doesn’t affect the game at all. Very excited to see where it goes from here. The combat system is quick and fluid and incredibly fun once you get the hang of it.

Some characters have different strengths, such as Barrett and Aerith being more effective at long range and Claude and Tifa stronger at close to medium range. It still retains some of the older turn based elements like ATB and the fight slows down when you select a command/item/spell, so you have a ton of time to circle through your various options.

There is a big window. Tyler Hoechlin and Cody Christian did an excellent job as Sephiroth and Claude respectively and I think Tyler Loechlin succeeded George Newburn as the “complete Sephiroth actor”. I’m not sure what Hoechlin does, but he perfectly captures Sephiroth’s voice, and every time he talks I feel my spine go up, even That on my fourth (and current) playthrough as well.

Christiane also did a great job as Claude, especially in some of his hallucinatory scenes. He actually worked with Hochkin to sell the fear that Sephiroth gives. He was also a pretty solid choice for Claude, considering he managed to make Claude sound sweet and affectionate, but at the same time a seasoned badass. The soundtrack is the best thing this game has to offer, and that’s an incredibly high bar.

Some pieces of music, such as J-E-N-O-V-A and One-Winged Angel, have been rebuilt from the ground up, but still retain their classic elements when they reach their peak in battle. go. Uematsu, Hamauzu, and Suzuki all put up a great score that they should be proud of.

[Spoiler time!] The story, while a bit frustrating at first, quickly became something I’ve learned to love. Not only does changing the timeline change a lot of things, but the addition of Sephiroth so early in the game really sells him as a villain more than he was in the original.

There are minor changes here and there, like fighting Reno in the church or the final boss fight, and they only sell the fact that this isn’t the original timeline and is something Sephiroth is trying to change. He’s trying to rework the timeline where the Avalanche never wins, and the extent to which he has won (so far).

The ending is probably the weakest point of the story but it is also the big one. There have been some admittedly valid criticisms of the ending, but overall I think few people have realized what the ending really represents. Jack, who survived his encounter with the Shinra army on the way to Midgar, changed so much, and that was exactly what Nomura intended.

It turns the story on its head in an incredibly satisfying and shocking way. The inclusion of Whisper was also a nice touch which I really enjoyed, even if they looked a little cartoony. [Spoiler over!] Overall, I am very happy with the game. It’s undoubtedly an easy 10/10 game and the best game I’ve ever played. I can’t wait to see what the 2 future installments (not including the DLC coming to PS5) have to offer.

One of the best (if not the best) games that ever existed!!! I’ve been a big fan of FF since childhood, and I’m looking forward to this project with “tooth and nail”.

Finally, we get to experience one of the best things ever in the gaming industry! I don’t even know where to begin! One thing is for sure. Nothing in this world is perfect, but if there is anything that touches perfection, it is FFVII REMAKE! So while I patiently waited for this gem to be released, I went and played the original FFVII on PSN.

Then, my memory was refreshed and I was ready to go for the remake! Now that I am going through the remake I realize how great and brilliant this game is from all aspects while it exceeds my expectations! I love how they enhanced the story, and added so much depth to things that were just gaps or plot holes in the old one.

The game is a massive expansion/rebirth of FFVII. ppl are complaining it’s not quite like the old one (smh)! It is a complete remake and we want to attract new gamers to the series apart from the old school fans.

Also it needed to be rebuilt into something that makes sense, using some of its older elements, but also expanding its horizons and giving room for connections to other things related to FFVII! So if you can’t figure it out, you’ll never “feel” how great this game is.

The graphics are top notch, as the details of every little thing are everywhere around you. The characters look super polished and gorgeous from all aspects, and perfectly represent the people we grew up with and fell in love with. Music will send chills down your spine and make you happy, emotional, intense, on edge, peaceful or thoughtful.

The combat system is fantastic as one of the game’s strongest parts, while it gives you a sense of complete control over everything you do. If you’re overwhelmed, or you rapidly switch between characters in the actual action, or do both at the same time, you can get really strategic by pausing the game to think your moves! It’s unbelievable how many different ways/ways there are for you to get on the battlefield.

The content system is beautiful and works just fine so far, while it blends in nicely with your arsenal. Voice acting sounds like a movie straight for the Oscars! Exceptional voice acting that blends beautifully with all the other elements of the game and gets you into the plot instantly!

The story is spectacular, expansive and epic as it completely brings to life old FFVII events, and furthermore adds whole new elements, while at the same time creating a total new one! I could write a book on how amazed I am with this game. Let FFVII be the rebirth of jrpgs and set the modern gaming era with new standards!

This game will leave you with a wonderful experience in your book of memories. It is not just a game, its life with its lessons, values, love, hate, desperation, adventure, social messages etc. Thanks Square Enix!!! Heartfelt thanks for this masterpiece! 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 Can’t wait to see Part 2 and continue this epic quest with our heroes!