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5 best Free Fire characters for coins in 2022

5 Best Free Fire Characters for Ranked Mode in 2022 – Free Fire has a well-known premise of character ability. Most of the characters in Free Fire have different and unique abilities. With the help of good characters, the chances of winning during ranking match play are high.

In Garena Free Fire, players have a plethora of options for character abilities (active and passive). Most of the game’s famous characters come at a cost of a few hundred diamonds. Therefore, players need to top up their wallets to unlock Alok, K, Chrono, Wukong, Dimitri, and more.

However, spending diamonds is quite difficult for many users, as a section of players are still students and may not be able to afford it. So, instead of spending diamonds on popular characters, they can buy other characters using gold coins.


1. Maxim

Maxim is a popular character and will cost the player 8000 gold coins. Maxim is a passive character and its passive ability comes in handy when users use mushroom or medkit. Hence, it is a good character, which can be bought without spending diamonds or real money. Also Read – Free Fire Emotes will be available for free, these three methods have to be tried

2. Miguel

Players will also have to spend 8000 Gold Coins for the Miguel character. In any game, increasing the EP is very important for any player and this character does the same thing. This character gains EP points with each kill in the match, which benefits gamers a lot.


It has a passive ability named Bushido. When using the character, the player’s armor durability will be increased by 7.5% with each 10% reduction of maximum HP. The rate will increase as the character level up. The character also has its awakened version, which is superior to the standard version in many aspects. The character is available on the in-game store for 8000 gold coins.


The character’s ability name is Hacker’s Eye. It has a passive ability and using it, the player and their allies can tag an enemy’s position for 2 seconds while they shoot. Capacity will be increased after leveling. The character also has its own awakened version, named Elite Moko. It is available on the in-game store for 8000 gold coins.

5. Kelly

The most famous and useful character in Free Fire. The character’s ability is named Dash. This helps increase the character’s speed at max level by 6%. The character is mainly used for aggressive fighting to drive out opponents. Kelly’s name also appears in the list of the cheapest characters of Free Fire. It also has an awakened version. Players can buy it for 2000 gold coins on the title’s in-game store.