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fortnite review 2022

fortnite review 2022: If you’ve ever played Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), you should be familiar with the battle royale concept of Fortnite. Your goal is to be the last person, pair, squad or team standing. Survive as long as you can and take down anyone in your path.

There are a few differences, like a completely different art style and Fortnite’s creation system (more on both later), but it’s disappointing that Epic Games didn’t do much to set the game apart.

Although Fortnite is more accessible than PUBG, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at our Fortnite survival guide, especially if you’re just starting out with the game. Not sure which game to play? Our comparison between PUBG and Fortnite will help you choose.

During my review time, I’ve had several different modes, such as Solo, Duo, Squad (four-player teams), Team Rumble (20-player teams), Arena (competitive matches), and Party Royale (non-combat).

There was an option to try. ) Fortnite added a 20-player mode during my last review period, so it’s likely that the number and types of modes may change in future updates. I appreciate the quick matchmaking of the game. Regardless of the multiplayer mode I choose, it usually takes less than a minute to be added to a match.

The pre-match staging area is located on an island just off the coast of the main map. It is amusing to peek from the shore and watch the entire playable landscape take in the panoramic view.

At the most, you get a few minutes to explore the island, test out some of the mechanics, or finalize your strategy before the battle begins. There’s no bridge to the main map, so naturally, you board the Battle Bus, a bright blue school bus with a giant balloon and a blinking sound system.

Once you find a good drop spot (and preferably one away from the other players) you jump out and begin a rapid free-fall descent. The game’s physics lets you travel a significant distance in either direction, so don’t worry if you accidentally run out of the wrong area of ​​the map.

Deploy your glider at any point to slow your descent and soften your landing (it automatically deploys when you get close enough to the ground).

After landing, you can take a few moments to collect yourself and enjoy the charming surroundings, but the peace won’t last long. Soon after, a storm hits, and you have to trek in the direction of its eye if you want to survive. However, you need to watch out for other players as well. Remove them if you can or simply avoid detection.

If you fall in the sight of an enemy or behind the motion of a storm, you will die very quickly. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode follows a similar script.

In some genres, there is an intermediary phase between life and death, in which your character goes awry. In this state you can only crawl around and not use any weapons or health packs. To gain vitality, a teammate must heal you.

Needless to say, enemy players and stormtroopers can easily eliminate you once you’ve been dropped. In any case, once you die, the camera switches to the perspective of your assassin or teammate (if you’re in team mode).

Making your way through the crowded battle royale genre, Fortnite Battle Royale exudes the traditional, bland military simulation vibe with bright colors and an exquisite, freeform building system that’s unlike anything else in a competitive multiplayer game.

As its name suggests, Fortnite Battle Royale fits so well into the battle royale genre that exploded last year that the basic description seems about as standard as you can get: 100 players in a big but big way. Weapons and gear are dropped on a constantly shrinking map with the goal of collecting it.

Be the last person or team left standing. But if you look a little closer, it can’t be mistaken for any other game because the vehicle you’re skydiving with is, inexplicably, a flying party bus a nice change of pace from a dull military plane. and instead of a realistic landscape surrounded by a violent storm, the place you land is a vast, beautifully colored island.

Thankfully, unlike other battle royale games, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where an ominous circle can leave it nearly impossible to break out of a circle of encroachment, Fortnite’s map is at least small enough (relative to PUBG) that even if you don’t want to play, You have little risk of being hit by a collapsing range as you race across the island to protect the randomly focused eye of the storm.