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free games for low end pc

You don’t need expensive gaming rigs or gaming laptops to enjoy gaming. Even if you have a decade-old laptop or PC with a dual-core CPU and an integrated graphics card, you can still play some decent games.

I came to know about this recently when I had to spend time at my parents’ house. I only had an older laptop with a dual-core CPU, 1GB of integrated Intel graphics, and 4GB of RAM. But I managed to make the most of it.

In this list, I’ve rounded up some of the best games I’ve tried on my laptop and the ones that worked without any issues.

1. Left 4 Dead 2

One of the greatest games ever. A low powered PC can even run the game with minimal problems. However, it’s not the best welcoming community, as veterans tend to kick off new players because of their knowledge of the game, but unique runs due to replays, AI director, crazy modes you can find yourself in like Shrek Tank.

Can install, memes L4D Universe or even, went into anime mode! I really recommend it to newbies and squad players. You don’t need gems, or game currency to refine your character, the game is balanced by everyone. It all comes down to collaboration, there are servers that up the game. I have played this game since I was a kid and it is one of those games I will never get tired of.

2. stardew valley

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator role-playing game. You play as a young professional in the big city who is tired of the day-to-day grind of cubicle life. You inherit your grandpa’s farm and leave the city for a happy life living on the land. On your farm, you can grow and harvest crops, raise livestock, and make Craftsman items like cheese and clothing. Outside your farm is the quaint Pelican Town where you can make friends and interact with the townspeople.

Stardew Valley started as a project for Eric “ConcernedApe” Baron to practice and improve his programming skills. Producer Chucklefish approached them and together they kicked the game out. Stardew celebrated its fifth anniversary this year and has sold over 10 million. It won the Breakthrough Award at the Golden Joystick Awards and was nominated for Best Indie Game, although it did not win.

3. Among us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game rated PEGI 7 that allows up to 10 players to take on the role of ‘crewmate’ or ‘imposter’. The object of the game is for the crewmates to identify players who are cheaters in the game. In the game the traitors have to secretly sabotage tasks on the ship and kill the crew before they can complete their tasks.

What’s so great about the game?

It promotes communication and teamwork to achieve the ultimate goal of finding an imposter. It also has a thrill for the imposters, who are trying to hide their identities. The same goes for crewmates, who need to clear their names so they don’t get voted out, and have to do their jobs while their lives are on the line.

4. old school runescape

Old School RuneScape on mobile brings you the full classic experience you’ve missed, and fully ported the controls. It’s wonderful to go out and connect with a magical world when I was little. This is how I remember it with a few changes from when I stopped playing. It’s that classic looking world which is how I remember it.

There are tunes, discoveries are restored and it’s a busy world. Not only have they brought it back, they’ve also done some neat things with it. There is complete cross-play and cross-progression between mobile and PC.

You also have a control system that they are somehow stacked in the center of a phone size, and it works great. I was given some member access and thrown back into the mix from scratch. It’s been a long time, but it feels so familiar. There are countless quests, tons of monsters to face, and so many unique places to explore.

It was such a dominating MMORPG for so long and it’s worth a look even if you’re new to it. There’s something excellent about nostalgia and a classic style of play that works so well here.

The world is so vast and having evolved over the years, it is a complete experience. It does have an aged feel to it in terms of how you progress in skills, but that was part of the charm and the weird way of doing things posed a huge challenge, no matter what kind of work you wanted to do. are searching; Lots of activities to level up skills, meet wacky people and hundreds of others run around doing the same

5. Untitled Goose Game

There really isn’t much to say about Untitled Goose Game except the fact that you absolutely must play it. You’re put in control of a goose, although the game isn’t strictly designed to cause complete chaos, somewhat similar to Goat Simulator.

You can still wreak havoc if you want, but the game is divided into a collection of small environments in which to complete a checklist of things. For example, the opening section, the garden, have you dodge a groundskeeper when you do things like turn on the radio or turn on the sprinkler. Sometimes the motives are silly like stealing a little boy’s glasses or setting up a stone statue in someone’s backyard.

There are a few solutions that may take some tinkering to figure out eventually, but every square is smarter than the last and I’ve found myself completing almost the entire game in one sitting. The game is really attractive with a nice minimalist style and it is really easy to get the hang of the game.

You literally only need to worry about moving, picking up various objects with your beak, occasionally consulting your checklist, and sounding the horn. I got into the game thinking it was going to be a little too simple, but I really enjoyed it.

It’s a lot of fun too – even my girlfriend’s 3 year old nephew loves it. And that’s all there is to it—play the untitled Goose game. Even if you don’t want to complete a collection of objectives, it’s a fun time to just run around and wreak havoc. This is a game that basically exceeded all my expectations.