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top 10 game in the world 2022

There are over 100 games already scheduled for 2022, and with the new year fast approaching, we’re uncovering the most promising projects on the horizon, such as Breath of the Wild 2, God of War Ragnarok, and Starfield From tentpole first-party titles. Highly anticipated multiplayer releases like Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year, so let’s dive into it. These are the 14 biggest games coming out in 2022, listed chronologically by release date.

Only games with officially announced 2022 release dates/windows were considered for this list. Seasonal (eg, spring, fall) release windows are based on the Northern Hemisphere.

1. syndicate

Decline Cyberpunk 2077, Adopt Syndicate. This game was honestly underrated in its time, and is still one of my favorite FPS next to Stalker. The graphics and lighting are at least divine, especially for its time. While it lacks quantity in its arsenal, it is not in exclusivity. The upgrade system is a bit weak but it was enough to highlight your playing style. and Dart Overlay.

It was essentially a 1 to 1 transfer in Cyberpunk 2077. It was such a unique and game-defining feature that it really solidified the environment. Being able to see and interact with wires and systems, with enemies, projectiles, etc., all made this game from good to great.

I played the original Syndicate a TON, and while it certainly won’t appeal to those fans, the game is a masterpiece in its own right. I would suggest buying and playing this game even in 2022 as it’s graphics, gameplay, setting and even to an extent its story is all top notch.

2. Transformers 2

It’s an unpopular opinion but I consider Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to be the best film in the series. This movie is a huge mess, but only if you pay close attention. The movie is not completely written and you can really tell, there are uncomfortable jokes scattered throughout this movie, there are a few plot lines here and there but I can really see where they were going and I love it. Some consider 3 the best, most consider 1, no one likes it. Honestly I have less problems with this movie than the other 2.

This movie has more Megatron than the other 2, its speed is better than the third, the other 2 are in the city when it’s in the desert which is cooler for me, and personally (don’t hate me) make me uncomfortable Likes comedy.

It also has some of the series’ most memorable moments such as when Optimus died, the Battle of Egypt, the jungle battle scene, the giant deceiver, and that classic Optimus quote “I rise, you fall.” Honestly I think its plot is the best but it can be hard to understand so here it is.

Sam (Now in college) touches a shard of the all spark cube and starts seeing symbols. Megatron is brought back to life and is working for The Fallen who wants to find an ancient machine that can destroy the Sun.

Megatron kills Optimus Prime and only a Prime can kill The Fallen, so Sam must find an artifact to bring back Optimus and kill The Fallen. You’ll either love it or hate it. If they had more time to write it I think it would have been one of the best movies of all time.

3. Dishonored 1

It was an amazing experience with a lot of story and plot. Mostly it has an amazing and enjoyable gameplay and chaos with a significant story choice and mainly smooth mechanics and still goes on; The game has interesting features such as suffocating an enemy using a bottle or bolt that turns any Skyrim adventurer into a guard in Whiterun.

The way you can play it is vast and expansive like powers might have in a way that opens up new options like capturing the enemy and sneaking into the building or blinking on the roof and falling through the skylight. It’s one of my all-time favorite games and I wish a third would come to the franchise.

I had the game for 6 years and got the definitive edition on PS4 and still enjoy it, thoroughly enjoyed the book and the game blew my hopes off the water like I was a beach whale and another book and The game blew my mind with how the new powers were implemented and outperformed Metal Gear and Hitman in terms of feeling like a badass while doing a double kill. This is part of what I love about this game and it would be pure joy and ecstasy to see the third implementation.

4. Counter strike source

Dear Hostages. Maybe you should sit down. We’ll get you out there in no time… As soon as we get tired of rolling these barrels, shoot a few boxes of oranges, play football with melons, and knock down a rusty bicycle. In the meantime, try not to pass on Stockholm syndrome to us. Regards, Sgt_Dr00py. SEALS, Italian Division.

CS: Source is the ‘official’ multiplayer bundled with Half-Life 2, the online component that you’ll play long after Gordon and Alix’s adventures are over. After Counter-Strike’s initial success as an amateur mod, Valve gave the team a big hug, and attracted them to its studio.

CS: Source is a ‘re-imaging’ of their work, applying the amazing technology used in Half-Life 2 to an online-only game. There has been an unfair level of criticism over the decision, with cries of “Where’s Deathmatch?”, “It’s not new”, and “We expected Team Fortress 2”. Dear all: Shut up. This is a great freebie, sold as part of Half-Life 2. We can assume that if you are reading this magazine, at some point you are going to buy Half-Life 2. I mean, come on. just look at it.

5. Metro last light 2033

The new version of Metro 2033 in Metro: Last Light has the best engine perfect. This gave 4A Games a chance to go back and fix a lot of things that were bothering them. Acting on the lessons learned from your mistakes the first time around.

In fact, where Metro 2033 Redux is a lovingly improved version of the original, Metro Last Light Redux is little more than a Gotti version. It includes every piece of DLC released to date and some additional weapons have been integrated into the single player story.

Visually the games are practically identical. I played the original and Redux versions alternately, chapter by chapter, and found it easy to forget which version I was playing at any given time. It’s not that Metro Last Light Redux is bad looking. Like I said, the original is less than a year old, so it’s still a great looking game. That’s why it doesn’t require a remaster.

With such a special focus on Metro 2033 Redux, Last Light Redux isn’t as essential by comparison. Which is true, because it’s also the worst game of the two. It’s a good shooter, but fans of the original’s survival horror experience were disappointed by the sequel’s bombastic handling and focus on boss fights over survival and environments.

6. Resident evil 5

Don’t let anyone tell you that Resident Evil 5 is a rotor – it only partially disintegrates. Seven years away from its original release, Capcom’s controversial African adventure remains somewhat of a delight even if the old problems die hard. There’s an identity crisis in this schizophrenic outing, but its biggest issue isn’t necessarily in its genetic makeup it’s the fact that it’s one of the best games ever made. As an undead David Moyes will tell you, talent is an impossible thing to bestow.

Put aside the sunbathing scenes and the infamous contagion, and this anticipated sequel could feel like one of those American Pie movies without the original cast; It has all the typical elements of Resident Evil 4 from unintentional jetski scenes to shack-based shootouts and everything in between but is tinged with delicious delicacy upon removal from the organization’s oven. That’s not to say that the release rebels it just has a salty flavor that lingers after Shinji Mikami’s sweet, sweet creation.

7. far cry 3

LOVE this game! It is one of the most realistic games I have played. and even though its an 18 and there is blood and violence and everything, the game is beautiful. That is a fact. the landscapes and the oceans are made SO realistically you fell like your playing in real life. Forge mode (i call it that cause i play halo) is excellent.

if you don’t know, forge mode in Far cry 3 is where you have like an island or an entire world, and you can build your own map. i once made a small beautiful fishing town next to the sea, then built a tiny island in the middle of the sea, only accessible by boat, created the classic doctors house, and furnished it with sofas, TV’s, desks, and beds so it looked like a real house and just lived in it.

it was amazing. On to the violence. The guns are really good. they have so much detail put into them, and each gun has their own different sound and look. The vehicles are epic. There are lorry’s, and land rovers and they can all be driven. I’ve lost track of all the different cars I’ve driven over my years of playing.

The main storyline is epic. it sends you everywhere and is very well thought through. 10 out of 10. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves extremely life like games and shooting.

8. Mafia 2

This game is perfect, I was scared that the quality would be bad since it’s an old game, but this game is still relevant. You get used to the graphics and they bring a touch of nostalgia. The mood and settings are captivating, and very well done, I’m completely into it, and the story is so good that you’re scared for it to end but you can’t stop playing.

The attention to detail is amazing considering the age of the game, as well as the map which has different districts. You’re even outside the city for certain chapters (I won’t tell where in case you decide to play the game). The A.I is pretty fun even though it gets a little repetitive after a while, I like getting into fights with NPC’s, the fighting system is very fun as well.

Cars and driving I love being able to steal a car and make it my own, changing plates… I also think driving is smooth and interesting because of the speed regulations that start police chase quite regularly if you don’t pay attention. I love the police system, they don’t start shooting at you for the smallest reason like in GTA, they’ll pursue you for a fine for smaller crimes.

Finally the handles if you play on console might seem different from other games and it takes quite a while to fully comprehend but once you do it feels right. Theres quite a bit of weapons which are all well done, the only flaw I’d say this game is not having any barbers, card games (poker), and the cloths shops having very limited choice. To be fair you can’t ask any more from a 30 € game. Definitely recommend!

9. Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls series is set in a world of faded beauty and teaches us that life is cruel and unfair, and you must roll behind it and strike it with something sharp.

Dark Souls 3 is as consistently gruesome as its predecessors, but represents something of a return to form for developers from Software after Dark Souls 2’s mixed reception.

Much of the game’s concepts and mechanics are the same as in previous games, with a notable difference being that players can now choose between two types of ‘estus flasks’ – one that replenishes health as in previous iterations, and the other. Which refills ‘focus’. Numbers’ mantra was used.

This game isn’t for those who want to do something quick while watching The Only Way Is Essex, but Dark Souls 3, like its predecessors, is very satisfying due to its famed difficulty.

Series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki went on record to state that the game would not be the last in the series, as believed by many industry commentators. And you can wear a lot of different hats.

10. Total War: Warhammer

Despite missing the chance to simply call it ‘Total Warhammer’, Total War: Warhammer is the table-top adaptation that Games Workshop fans have been dreaming of since Rome: Total War was released in 2004.

The player controls an army of fantasy units belonging to one of several races. Take control of the orcs and expect lots of flying green skins and maybe a troll or two at your command. Choose dwarves and you will get dwarves. But not only dwarves with axes, tough little boys with guns, hammers and sometimes even massive cannons.

It’s also satisfyingly faithful to the original. The units look and feel like real-world miniatures, and the game turns out to be a labor of love in every way, created by real fans.

Despite the fantasy leanings, in most other ways it’s just another iteration of the tried and tested Total War formula, with a wealth of units mostly tailored to the Rocks, Scissors, Paper archetype.

Only here, you’ll be carefully maneuvering your dwarven slayer to fend off a giant chaos giant, rather than trying to organize your Pikeman into the appropriate position to fend off the cavalry.

11. XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is a turn-based Tactical Squad game in which you control a party of increasingly tough and well-equipped soldiers. It follows the hugely popular XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a reboot of the classic XCOM games of the mid-1990s.

Your squad of tool-up gangsters is all that stands between Earth and alien domination. Why can’t aliens ever be friendly?

Your troops are class-based, and each has different abilities and advanced paths. One of them, the Assault class, rapidly becomes a death-dealing ninja from the future, imposing enemies on his laser sword. To be honest, if this doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will.

Mod support is available from the community (want your favorite soldier to look and sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger? No problem), and several expansions from developer Firaxis have already been released, so quell your lust for alien blood. There is more than enough material to complete.

12. Firewatch

Firewatch is a first-person adventure in which you take control of Henry, a firefighter stationed on a lonely tower in the middle of the Wyoming jungle. Henry is soon embroiled in his own mystery while being pursued by a shadowy man.

One of the most striking features of the game is the relationship that Henry develops with Delilah, another firefighter with whom Henry regularly chats on his walkie-talkie. (Firewatch is set in 1989, which explains why Henry uses old technology and tries to do his job instead of actually collecting Pokémon on his iPhone.)

Firewatch is the first game from San Francisco-based studio Campo Santo, and runs on the Unity engine. It has sold over 500,000 copies to date.

So it’s over half a million players frustrated by the lack of a cap. Nice sunset, though.

13. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is the support and inspiration of indie developers everywhere, and it took almost six weeks to reach its first million sales. Highly inspired by the farming simulator Harvest Moon, the game gives the player a rundown farm and some basic equipment, and leaves them alone to proceed with it.

Apparently a labor of love for its creator, Eric Barone, the game has surprisingly deep mechanics. The player can level up a variety of skills, form relationships with a multitude of NPCs, and craft a range of items in their quest to build the perfect farm.

One of the best things about it is the lack of guns, blood, and other outlets for teen anger. It’s simple and cheesy, but there are layers of depth if you explore them.

14. Doom

A tense, suspenseful thriller of a plot filled with more twists and turns than a rickety snake, this faithful adaptation of. No Wait, It’s Doom.

With no plot, characterization, or moral choices, there’s nothing to get in the way of the fast, brutal fun.

The latest iteration of the pioneering first-person shooter series launched in 1993 brings vastly improved graphics to the table, but other than that it stays closer to the original formula. And that can only be a good thing, given its great critical and commercial acclaim.