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How to use grenades efficiently in Free Fire 2022

Grenades are fairly underrated in Garena Free Fire, although they are an integral part of any player’s arsenal. They assist players with any playing style, be it offensive, balanced or defensive. More than tactical prowess, grenades increase the versatility and unpredictability of one’s strategy.

Different grenades have different functions, helping in many situations on the battlefield. Frag grenades are helpful in endzone fights, smoke helps evade, and glue walls provide close-to-melee cover.

Use Grenades in Garena Free Fire to Maximize Damage: Know how

Grenades are powerful throwable items in Free Fire. They can destroy glue walls, wipe out an entire squad, and even kick campers out of buildings. Knowing how to use them will give players an edge in combat.

They are easy to use as they feature simple mechanics. However, by following a few tips, users can maximize the item’s usefulness during battle.

Hints to follow to maximize efficiency with grenades in Free Fire:

  • cook grenades with immediate effect

Once the grenade is thrown, opponents have about two to three seconds to move away from the blast radius. This can save them from harm.

To overcome this problem, players must cook their grenades before throwing them. If done correctly, they should explode almost immediately upon impact.

  • Use multiple grenades at once

A wise strategy for working in Free Fire is to use multiple grenades at once. This gives the opponent less room to maneuver and is more likely to inflict damage. This tactic can be used to great efficiency when cleaning houses.

  • Learn how to counteract grenade bounce

Throwing grenades in Free Fire jumps. This allows opponents to break out of the blast radius with a quick reaction time. Even though this is not a significant issue, users will still have to learn to compensate for making the bounce more accurate with grenades.

  • Memorize the angle and distance covered by a grenade

A guideline appears when throwing a grenade. It refers to the distance to be covered based on the angle at which it is thrown. Being able to remember these angles will allow gamers to throw grenades faster.

  • Use grenades in open areas to avoid bounce back

Grenades are risky. Once thrown, anyone within the range of the explosion will be harmed. To avoid the risk of these throwables hitting something and bouncing back, players must throw grenades into open spaces or tight spaces.

Cooking grenades in Free Fire reduces the time it takes to explode. If done correctly, it will explode on impact, hitting the target instantly. However, if over-cooked, the grenade will explode before being thrown, killing users instead.

  • find cover before throwing grenades

It will take some time to aim and throw the grenades correctly. During these microseconds, players are left exposed to fire. Opponents can take advantage of this and get headshots easily. To avoid this scenario, grenades should always be thrown from behind cover.