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DJ Alok vs Wukong: Which character is better in Free Fire OB31 version?

DJ Alok vs Wukong: According to Free Fire Advanced Server, the most used character i.e. Chrono character in Free Fire OB31 update has been discontinued. In addition, the main character’s ability that players were able to fire from inside shields has been removed. Hence, it will not be the same after the upcoming OB31 update. So, let’s discuss the best characters after the update in Free Fire.

Best character after OB31 update- DJ Alok vs Wukong

Some other Free Fire character abilities have been changed. In addition, some of the less used characters are buffered, while some of the most used character capabilities have been turned off in the OB31 update. In addition, players can use a character skill combination of one active skill and three passive character skills.

Alok has many advantages for you and your teammates to maintain hp as well as he can increase your ally’s speed. It is one of the best abilities and that is why Alok is the most iconic character of the game. Wukong’s camouflage ability can just turn you into a bush. Despite having no other use, it is one of the most essential aspects when you play a tournament or a good sport. Wukong’s ability may not lead to many abilities, but it helps you whenever you need it most.

Best Active Skill Character in Free Fire for Rank Push

You will need a good active skill character if you want to advance your rank in free fire in less time, so here we have shared a list of best active skill character in free fire for rank push.


Chrono’s ability is called Time-Turner which generates a force-field that blocks 600-oncoming damage inflicted by opponents. Abatters and players can take the sanctum inside the zone and actually shoot from inside it. This makes it a stylish shot for players who choose ranks to advance the recently introduced season.


When Skylar’s ability is activated, the ability generates a sonic boom that destroys five Glue Walls within a 50-meter compass. When a Glue Wall is applied, it increases HP recovery, starting with 4 points.

There is a 60 second cooldown. Meanwhile, the sonic boom will damage the glue walls within a range of 100 meters at the maximum condition. This causes the piecemeal to increase HP recovery starting at 9 points. Concurrently, the cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds.


According to Shirou’s in-game description, he is the player with the fastest delivery. Similarly, his ability is named “Damage Deliver”. It’s also a two-dimensional ability in which opposing canines and damage are mixed into one. They,

Shirou’s ability will mark the opponent who hits the player from 80 meters for 6 seconds

The first shot fired against the opponent deals a fresh 50 perk armor penetration.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the most popular active skill character in Free Fire. His drop the beat chops make him the chosen character out of rank modes. With this skill, players can produce 5m of wind that restores 5HP/sec.

In its original upgrade state, the skill arrives with a total duration of five seconds. Along with restoring health, the skill supporter also helps reduce movement speed by 10 percent.


Clue, 24, thoroughly investigates her opponents. In the boom of a huge megacity, her parents now have to worry about the basics of life because of her abilities. He gets to know about the danger ahead of time.

She came to a private eye surgeon to chant her father and uncover details of his performance in the war. He is one of the stylized characters used in the support part. By his presence in the team, teammates knew the position of their opponents. Which helps them to take down opponents easily.