Tip One:

Who is the top 10 strongest Marvel character?


Emperor Vulcan (also known as Scott Summers' brother Gabriel Summers) is an Omega level mutant who has the ability to manipulate all forms of energy, including magic, at will.


In an alternate reality, the Hulk's son, Scar, has more power than his father.


Odin, Thor's father and the strongest of all the Asgardians, is an immortal who can manipulate magic for various effects.


Over 3000 years old, the son of Zeus, Hercules is considered the physically strongest character in the entire Marvel universe.


The Grandmaster is an eternal, ancient being who cannot die, has supernatural physical characteristics and the ability to bring the dead back to life.


Known as the eater of the world, Galactus devours entire planets and possesses unlimited cosmic power and knowledge.


Not to be confused with his son, Adam Warlock, the power of Magus is comparable to that of Galactus.


Mikaboshi, the Japanese god of evil and chaos, has an essence greater than Odin.


Cyttorak is a powerful deity and possibly the strongest magical creature in all of the Marvel universe.

Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic entity and the principal universal force of life that takes over various hosts.