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The 10 Best Avengers Characters, ranked


t's a fairly common comic book fact about Wolverine that he's part of the X-Men.

The Hulk

There are many powerful versions of the Hulk in the Marvel Universe, most of whom are included in the Avengers.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has managed to make an all-powerful character feel very human, as her emotional state has been her primary arc.

Black Panther

Most of the powerful Black Panther variants of the Marvel Universe have been part of the Avengers.

Captain America

Captain America is commonly portrayed as the leader of the Avengers, showing how natural he is for the role.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is another Avenger with a good case in his favor who is considered the strongest yet.


As arguably the most popular Marvel character, Spider-Man didn't really need the Avengers to gain more fans.

Iron Man

Iron Man is typically cast in the role as the benefactor of the Avengers, using his vast fortune to fund the team.


Quite flamboyant and flashy in the beginning, Marvel's interpretation of the Norse God of Thunder has changed a lot over the years.


The highest ranked villain on our list, Thanos is more than just a regular supervillain.