Which spirits are worth upgrading Elden Ring?

While some of these spirits are strong enough to help a lot when they are initially found, it is also possible to upgrade these ashes to make them even better.

 Since its release, Elden Ring has become an instant hit with gamers around the world, making it arguably the most accessible game FromSoftware has made while maintaining its famed difficulty.

With so many places to discover and ways to access the game, Elden Ring has a lot of intriguing concepts that won't necessarily be used or found by everyone.

Stronger Wolves Can Be A Huge Help In The Early Game

An Upgraded Spirit Jellyfish Can Offer Some Much Needed Ranged Assistance

Self-Revive Makes Skeletal Militiamen The Perfect Distractions

Fanged Imps Utilize Bleed Damage & Ranged Magic Attacks

Upgrades Can Maximise The Potential Of Mad Pumpkin Head's Destructive Offense

The Leyndell Soldiers Are One Example Of Many Soldier Classes That Work Well As Tanks

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