What PC game has the most realistic graphics?

Multiple Blue Rings

The recent releases of the PS5 and Xbox One Series X|S have once again brought the console versus PC conversation to the forefront of the gaming industry.  The pros and cons can be debated for hours

For developers, there are so many great things about creating an open world setting in a fictional location.  Most importantly, there is no limit to how ambitious and extraordinary the game world can look.

 Just Cause 4

Despite being set in Montana, United States, Far Cry 5, like Just Cause 4, is set in a fictional location that gave the developers free-range to create a spectacular open-world.

 Far Cry 5

Don't let the 2015 release date fool you;  Batman Arkham Knight is still a graphical powerhouse.  Rocksteady is the tech wizard who accomplished the incredible feat of magic when building Arkham Knight on top of Unreal Engine 3

Batman Arkham Knight

Slowly but steadily, Capcom is adopting the PC platform as the leading platform for video games.  Recently, Capcom has even stated that they want the PC to be its primary platform for video games.

Resident Evil Village

Battlefront II feels the world of the Star Wars universe to an almost photorealistic degree.  The teams at DICE have mastered the Frostbite engine through multiple iterations of Battlefield games

Star Wars Battlefront II

Square Enix has never been sluggish when it comes to graphical fidelity.  Final Fantasy VII Leads the Entire Medium in CGI and Cinematics

Final Fantasy XV

Simply put, Controlling on PC is a great experience.  Remedy's Northlight engine is the backbone of the controls and was also used to create the stunning Quantum Brake


When it comes to the intersection of video games and film, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding may be the closest thing we have to a perfect marriage of the two.

Death Stranding