What Minecraft farms do I need?

What Minecraft farms do I need?

Minecraft players need to keep collecting items and resources to survive.  Redstone allows players to create automated forms of many different things.

Being a large sandbox with many options for crafting and building, Minecraft is a game with a wide variety of players.

That said, we have linked some of the best farm building videos along with complete guide links for each farm on our list.

Gold Farm

Minecraft or not, everyone loves gold, and in this game, there are many benefits that come with it.  You can trade gold with villagers for many good things.

Creeper Farm

Speaking of creeper farms in Minecraft, not all farms are a good choice for construction.  Mainly, creeper farms can be divided into two categories: creeper only farms and charge creeper farms.

Hoglin Farm

Hoglin Farm is one of the lowest rated farms in Minecraft.  It lets you do a lot more than just a few farms.

Stone Farm

Stones are valuable in Minecraft, and they come in handy for many different purposes, such as repair or construction.