What is the next big RPG game?

Multiple Blue Rings

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes (Switch, Jun 24)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the most successful Fire Emblem game of all time, with over 3.4 million sales as of the end of 2021.  It's no surprise that the next major release for the series continues into the Three House canon.

 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch, Jul 29)

Surprisingly ahead of its announced September release date, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 promises to bring together the worlds from the previous two games in a grand new narrative.

 Forspoken (PC/PS5, Oct 11)

Most RPG heroes are born with silver spoons in their mouths, destined to become gods in the brightest armor possible and do only the most world-saving feats to earn their layer.

Gotham Knights (PS5/Xbox/PC Oct 25)

Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and the Red Hood race to Gotham City in Batman's absence, and inherit it at a time of turmoil for Metropolis.

 Broken Roads (TBC 2022)

The Broken Roads trailer features a narrator whose voice sounds like a muscle car idling.

Hogwarts Legacy (TBC 2022)

Oh nothing, just a giant open-world RPG set at Hogwarts in the late 1800s.  Some games actually sell themselves.  JK  Rowling is not directly involved in this new title, so the Potter canon remains unchanged from its events.

 Pokémon Scarlet & Violet (TBC 2022)

Generation 9 of Pokémon is finally upon us with Scarlett and Violet.  It's been a jam-packed 12 months for Pokémon fans, as it will be the third main-series game in a span of a year.

What's even an RPG in 2022?  The cross-pollination of elements of the genre over the past few generations has been such that where you once described a game with XP, an inventory and trees as in classic RPG stuff, now those markers are just 'it'  Limit it to a video game.  ,

When it boils down to it, role playing in 2022 is all about depth of experience.  Games that embrace expansive narratives and give you some agency in them, whether it means your hero has a new pair of +5 Charisma shoulder pads for the next big fight or that their dialogue choices are really in the game world.  change the course of events.

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