What free game is most similar to Minecraft?

Looking for free Minecraft games? If you have finished Minecraft, or you are looking for a game similar to Minecraft but don't want to pay the price tag that comes with them.

These free Minecraft games will fill that block-sized hole in your life.


Trove is one of the best building games with an aesthetic similar to Minecraft.


You'll recognize a lot of Minecraft in Roblox building and creativity, as Roblox is a large game-generation platform that offers endless crafting possibilities.


Unturned is a DayZ-like zombie-survival game with Minecraft's bright, dark aesthetic.


Probably the game that most resembles Minecraft on our list was actually inspired by a Minecraft demo.


Robocraft is a sci-fi engineer's dream, as you build robots that can fly, shoot, defend, and eventually destroy.


Creators is a voxel-based sandbox game with a plethora of building mechanics, player-created worlds to explore.