What are Fairy-Type Pokemon weak to in Pokemon GO?

Although fairy typing has been in Pokémon Go since the game's release, it's the latest to make its way to the franchise.

After debuting in the sixth generation of the main series, Fairy Typing has completely rocked the type charts by bringing a new list of Pokémon into the competitive spotlight in the main series.

However, it has been available in Niantic's mobile games since the title's release.  While this may happen, some players may still have trouble dealing with such Pokémon in battle.

As many players already know, the combat system for Pokemon Go is significantly different than for the main series.

With this in mind, it will help players know what the offensive and defensive advantage of Pokémon is over Fairy-types.  This is because of the Pokémon's guarantee of taking damage in battle.

Fairy-type Pokémon have the upper hand against Pokémon of the Dragon, Dark, and Fighting types.  This means that players should not keep these Pokémon in their collection if they predict that an angel-type will be present in battle.

Resist is what many Pokémon Go players have been hearing a lot about lately.  However, it is for good reason.

Best Picks against Fairy-Types in Pokemon GO: Steel and Poison

However, it is for good reason.  With pure steel typing as well as great defense, Resilient is seen as one of the best options for Pokémon Go's take on the franchise's combat system.

With Pokemon guaranteed to take a hit in every fight, defense is often a priority because it's always better to play it safe and outshine the opponent in combat.

More specifically, Fairy-type attacks can't break into this Pokémon because of its dual resistance to fire and steel typing.