Watch Spider-Man's gameplay in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel has revealed the Spider-Man gameplay in its upcoming team-based game Midnight Suns.

This makes him the third character after Captain America and Iron Man to reveal deep-dive gameplay.

One of the most unexpected, but less popular superheroes for Marvel's Midnight Suns is Spider-Man, who made an appearance during June's Summer Game Fest event.

Marvel's Midnight Sun trailer shown during this livestream showcase shows the wall-crawler leaping into a new black-and-gold costume to take on Venom

While some fans think Spider-Man is a worse fit for the supernatural-themed Marvel's Midnight Suns than characters like Moon Knight and Morbius.

Spidey will have some new demon-busting powers with him, and players will likely see more of these fiery attacks in action as Marvel's Midnight Suns approaches its planned October release date.

A new trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns shows off some new supernatural abilities for the ever-popular web-slinger, along with Spider-Man gameplay.