Top10 best free-to-play games available in 2022

Top10 best free-to-play games available in 2022

Lost Ark

Depending on how "in it" you are in the gaming world, you may have heard quite a bit about the Lost Ark.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

Here's another one you might have heard making the rounds recently. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pac-Man 99

Want another trend that's been going on for a while? "99" style.

 Knockout City

Dodgeball is one of the time-honored playgrounds of our world.

Aperture Desk Job

Sadly, as they note on their Steam page, Aperture Desk Job Portal 3 isn't, sorry everyone.


For years, Warframe was considered a free alternative to the Destiny franchise, but now that Destiny 2 is free-to-play.

Episodic Games

Well, while not necessarily a specific game point, one area of free video games you don't want to miss is episodic titles.


Spellbreak is a battle royale title but the game here focuses on magical spells rather than gunplay.

 League of Legends

As Riot Games became known for League of Legends, the studio could break down into other titles and genres today.