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top ten Dragon Pokémon, ranked



Introduced in Generation VIII's Sword and Shield, Duraludon is a dinosaur-like dragon whose strength is often overlooked in favor of other dragon-types in its generation.


Unfortunately abandoned from Generation VIII's Pokédex, Altria's power is not to be taken lightly as are its wings. 


With a trick in the form of Apple Pie and a Gigantamax look to shake things up, Appleton certainly has a lot going for itself.


Noivaran is the second bat evolutionary line in Pokémon history, the first to have the memorable Zubat family.


What do you get when you cross a Drake Fossil with a Bird? Dracozolt, that is, and any player will be glad they did.


Komo-o is both dragon-type and fighting-type. It's the weakest on our list because it had the double weakness of the Fairy-Types.


Gudra is a pure dragon-type with a very high special defense stat. It can learn Sap Sipper's superb ability, which makes it immune to grass-type moves.


Introduced in the third generation, the Flygon is popular for both its design and the interesting variant combination of Ground and Dragon.


It's great for pure dragon-type attacks and stab moves. It can learn attack boosters like Dragon Dance and Sword Dance.


Sharing the same type as Sharpedo, Hydreigon is Dark and Dragon-Type. It gives other Pokémon a run for their money due to its high special attack status.