Top 10 PC Games For 4 GB RAM (No Graphics Card Required)

Grand Theft Auto: SanAndreas

There is no doubt that everyone knows about GTA. Many people buy PC just to play this game.

 Assassin Creed 1

Assassin's Creed 1 is an open world exploring game. The assassin's advisor al-Mualim gives Altair and the other assassins missions, all of which they must complete.

Prince of Persia Series 

Prince of Persia is a great series developed by Ubisoft. The story of the prince of Persia is astonishingly wonderful.


Hitman is a great fun game that will run smoothly on your old PC with 1,2,4 GB RAM.

 COD Modern Warfare 1,2,3

Cod Modern Warfare is the most popular game around the world. Almost everyone plays this game.


It is a fascinating game released on 15th November 2001. In this game, you will be a soldier and you have to fight with aliens.

Max Payne 1, 2, 3

This game is made by Rockstar, and it is an exciting game. In this game you have a character named Max, who is avenging the death of his wife and child.

Total Overdose

Total Overdose is the nostalgic game ever made. This game is about Ram Cruz.

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