top 10 Best completed anime series to watch

Attack on Titan

Psychological thriller and supernatural A boy finds a notebook that can kill people.

 Sailor Moon

Romantic comedies, princesses, and girl power TBH, you should come to Sailor Moon just because we have the best merchandise of all fandoms.

Attack on Titan

If someone ever tells you that cartoons are for kids, just show them. It's brutal, but so addictive.

Cowboy Bebop

Jazz, Space Travel and Westerns. Not a combo you'd think would work, but Cowboy Bebop proves it does by boasting an ~amazing~ soundtrack.

Mawaru Penguindrum

Twin brothers Kanba and Shoma Takakura love their ailing sister Himari more than anything.

Dragon Ball Z

Action-Adventure, Superhero, and Fantasy Sci-Fi This was my gateway drug: the first anime I ever hooked up to at age 11.


Demons are preying on shape-shifting humanity. A cool-to-nonsense half-human heroine is fighting them with swords and generally kicking ass.


A fascinating series about a criminal-looking-but-gentle-literally boy and a violent girl who agree to help each other out with their respective crushes.